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So, Your Carb Still Leaks

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  • So, Your Carb Still Leaks

    If you install a new needle and seat and the carb still leaks, make sure you aren't sending rust and junk down the line.
    The pencil filter in the top of the tank valve is an important first step.
    If you have a cast iron sediment bulb,make sure it's spotless clean inside, or you may be sending junk down the line.
    I forgot to show the lock washer in picture 4.
    Don't overlook the final filter in the carb, as I've see rust collected there also.
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    I know how much you like ethanol in gas. Does it promote gas leaks in addition to poorer gas mileage and less stability?


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      After dis-assembling about 20 of those I was suprised how plugged most of them were. Not sure how any of them were straining out anything or even letting gas get to the carb. Rod
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        Those are great pics along with some good info. I am going to copy your post and add it to the fuel filtering thread i started in the tech forum.

        I know those iron bulbs filter good, but i prefer the glass type with a filter inside.
        I like to see whats going on in there
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          I'm with you on that as well mitch.


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            In the third picture, my new sediment bulb brass screen hadn't arrived yet, so I didn't have it to show in the picture. The old screen was gone.

            Dave, I don't know if ethanol promotes leaks, but since it attracts moisture, I'd say it adds to tank rust.


            • Mitch
              Mitch commented
              Editing a comment
              Ethanol does play hell with rubber fuel lines & Evap systems, so in the end once they deteriorate enough i am sure a leak can start on a car using them

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            Always a good easy thing to check before going on the road!


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              I had some trouble with those viton tipped float valves sticking and removed them. Not too many others have noted the problem, so maybe it was just me. I have the glass bowl type.


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                This gallery has 1 photos.
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