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Sarah doesn't like protection!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Sarah doesn't like protection!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sarah runs w/o engines pans now but to protect her from unwanted objects entering her through the carb, I put on a Hi-Boy this morning. She runs with Zeny. She didn't put up much a fuss as I put it on her and afterwards we took a drive. More silent now from hearing the sucking noise coming from Zeny. We drove out the usual mileage, she ran fine, no spits or spats. Got back home and took a look under the hood and she had kicked it off. I jump in the other car and took off to find a very expensive gift she didn't like before it got damaged if it already wasn't damage. I found it. Some scratches but still functional. She got a right telling when I got back and I was firm, you are going to wear this protection even if I have to weld it to you. (I don't think she saw the rubber hose). And then she had the gall to tell me it wasn't tight enough that I'm some sorta weakling!!! Well!! it's on her now!!! I took two vitamin pills and screwed it to her as tight as I could. She now runs with protection and I feel better about it too!!!!
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    It will not stay on, there is too much mass/weight cantilevered out. I made an L shaped bracket from the firewall to the top of the filter. I put a large washer inside and on top of the filter itself. I would have lost mine earlier but I tied a lanyard to it so it was hanging in the engine compartment.


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      Good idea.......I'll have to tell her I'm not the wimp she thinks I am. Thanks

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    FWIW: Just one (1) Hi-Boy Filter Model A experience:

    My Hi-boy was bought on E-bay from the original Hi-Boy gentleman manufacturer about (12) years ago where I ordered both rubber connections; i.e., one (1) for a Zenith A carburetor and the other for a Zenith B carburetor.

    After receiving this Hi-Boy, I immediately installed a much larger 3-1/2" diameter x 6" tall Model No. R-1050 K& N Filter which still securely stays on with no problems after (12) years while traveling on all back roads, while experimenting with both A or B carburetors.

    It always stays fixed in place with these SS hose type clamps he provided with this kit with no stuttering ..... (20) miles per gallon with this 1930 Town Sedan in stop & go traffic traveling through small towns.

    From time to time, other Model A owners have reported similar loose fitting and falling off Hi-Boy problems perhaps because of engine and highway vibrations in the past; however, I really have absolutely no experience in after-the-fact observing why some Model A owners have such loose connection Hi-Boy filter problems.

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      I recently finished adding double protection.

      Yes, I purchased and lost a hi boy within a couple weeks. Too expensive to try again. Measured and found a motorcycle filter with 45 degree intake. Works great, except carb ran rich. Renner’s corner to balance and no issues since. Even did the spare carb.

      In the bits box that came with the car I found an oil filler vent without the flex hose. Since there are several threads about leaks from over pressure of the crank, I went larger. 1 inch water heater stainless flex pipe, to adapter and 1.5” base filter (motorbike cone). No over pressure and no dirt going in.
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        I slipped the hose back on as far back as possible and moved the clamp to the very edge of the hose. and screwed the clamp down as tight as it can get. It can't get any tighter and so far it's holding. It's another thing that I will now check after every trip out no matter how far it will be.
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          I didn't realize that you had a thing for tailpipes Sounds like you may have a fleet of baby model A's running around soon.
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            Originally posted by Mitch View Post
            I didn't realize that you had a thing for tailpipes Sounds like you may have a fleet of baby model A's running around soon.
            Nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your mind out of that gutter!!!! :rolling
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              FWIW: Hmmmm ..... Quite A Few Unresolved Model A Mysteries:

              In thinking about maybe why "Sarah does not like protection", and perhaps why other Hi-Boy filter protections are cast off of Model A's, if one looks under the title "Wide Inflated Model A Tire Fit In Fender Well, 4/17/2018", one can look through the photo with the wheel spokes and see a 6" tall Hi-Boy filter further beyond in the engine compartment.

              Many Model A Forum members in the past have always thought and commented that Model A's definitely have different personalities.

              I never gave my 1930 Model A Town Sedan a name; however, could it be remotely possible that in this photo the reason why my 6" tall Hi-Boy filter has been standing erect for the past (12) years is possibly because my Model A is an Alpha Male, as opposed to the many other Model A females that were reported to continue to reject protection?

              Maybe just something to consider when naming and/or renaming a newly acquired Model A Ford?

              Hope these past Model A Forum reported personality traits can assist to determine the root cause of Model A protection rejection.


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                Wouldnt the filter be considered more of a "ball gag"? :P


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                  Here is something that I made sure why I call my A after a woman. Not just because she acts like one, cost as much as one but she does look like one, classy and most important... Now if I had name my A Samuel instead of Sarah and started talking how hard Sam's tailpipe was.......:rolling
                  I wouldn't have all these lady friends, now would I????
                  "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


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