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Rear Spring Shackle Question

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  • Rear Spring Shackle Question

    Ok, started putting my frame back together. New rear leaf spring has bronze or brass bushings, perches on diff have steel sleeves. I had planned on using a nice set of welded aftermarket shackles with the poly bushings. That aint going to work unless I knock the steel and brass bushings out of both. I don't have a good set of original style shackles, which would have the right diameter for this combination. Some of the big box stores are out of the new repop shackles, I have read back and forth on here and other places about how bad the repops are made. Snyders has some nice looking aftermarket shackles that look really stout, but they don't give the diameter. I assume they are the same size as the original forged ones, otherwise they would include the poly bushings with them that most vendors do. I guess I will call them tomorrow unless someone on here gives me some ideas.

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    You could also give Bert's a call in Colorado. They may have some originals.
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      I like the Bronze.. We had that discussion on your old shackle bushing thread

      I never had a newer repop pop yet
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        I like the bronze also, my problem is acquiring a compatible set of shackles. These look pretty good to me.
        Buy Accessory Shackles for your Model A at


        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
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          What do you mean by compatible. A stock shackle will work with the bronze bushing

        • dmdeaton
          dmdeaton commented
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          The shackle in the link is not a stock shackle, it looks cut and swaged. I am guessing the posts are stock diameter and will slip in the bronze after I ream. That was my only question. The aftermarket shackles that include the poly or oil lite bushings all are too small diameter. They are made to fit the spring eye or the perch with the steel bushing removed.
          Think the shackles in the link will hold up?

        • BNCHIEF
          BNCHIEF commented
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          They look to be well made , how long have they been on the market? If you grease them do not see why they would not hold up. I would think you would want a grease that stands up to pressure since those are under a lot of tension.

        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
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          I think you'll be fine

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        NEVER release the spring spreader until the bar is installed on the shackle.
        I wonder if someone removed the spring spreader before the bar was installed, and that's why the shackle snapped?


        • BNCHIEF
          BNCHIEF commented
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          Could have a point there Tom and you are right about that spreader, those shackles have to be hardened and your point may well be spot on.

        • dmdeaton
          dmdeaton commented
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          Did someone have a shackle snap?

        • BNCHIEF
          BNCHIEF commented
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          Not that I have heard but Tom's point is a real good idea and the way I do them.

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