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What Maintenance on Leakless Water Pumps?

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  • What Maintenance on Leakless Water Pumps?

    Since I've got to install a new head gasket and will have the water pump off anyway, is there any maintenance to be done on leakless water pumps? This water pump has about 5,000 miles on it and has functioned without problems. As far as I know, all the bearings are sealed, and other than cleaning it and adding a new gasket there's not much to do, right? How many miles have you guys gotten out of leakless water pumps? Also, I'm thinking of replacing the studs and nuts with the bolts offered by Snyder's:

    Anybody have any experience with these? It seems these would make it easier to replace a water pump in the event of failure.


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    I use the fake bolts all the time as it does make it easier. if your sealed bearing pump has no abnormal play I see no problem to reuse it. I have had many of the suppliers leakless start leaking. I now use the James Rupert extreme pumps they hold up like iron. always put sealer on the r/s / passenger side upper pump bolt threads as its not a blind hole and goes into the water jacket of the head.
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      agree; with the fake bolts and a little ground off the vanes of the pump (which will not hurt a thing) and a 2-blade cast alum fan you can easily get the thing off on the side of the road if need be without jacking with the radiator


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        Thanks guys. Good tip about sealing the right upper bolt. I would have remembered that after it leaked!


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          Just so you know there are two "leakless" pumps. One has the sealed bearings the other (the rebuild kits from the vendors) does not. Be sure of your type.


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            how does one know which leakless ones are sealed vs. non-sealed bearings requiring grease? Both pumps appear to look the same.


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