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    Thanks for the advice on the tracks on the front backing plates. I took them into where I used to work and my tool maker lead came by and caught me using the TIG welder to build up the tracks. When I explained what I needed to do, he would not hear of me filing and using my dremel to finish them. He set them up on the CNC machining center, homed on the line between the two rivets and machined the track to exactly the 1.3125 dimension parallel line. Pretty good service.

    I must say that working with the car on car stands and not taking off the axle/king pin is a real bitch getting the backing plate off and back on. The last person on the car put the bolts in backwards. And getting to them (could not use a socket I had for the rear two bolts) especially to put in the cotter pins lying on your back and reaching around parts was a real bitch. Also could not find any "pills" so I had to make some up from some sheet stock and dimple them. Almost as much time as redoing the brakes.

    Finally back together and I feel comfortable letting this car go to a new owner now. Thanks for the advice from many.


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    Sometimes i put a little glob of weld on the brake pin instead of the pills.. Then adjust as needed on a grinding wheel
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    "It's all nuts and bolts"

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      You mentioned "pills"--The question is, did you find your "ANTI-PAIN-PILLS" after you were finished wrangling those backing plate BOLTS/NUTS/COTTER KEYS?
      Bill Painless


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        Bill, Unfortunately I am already at the point where Alieve and I are best of friends on most days. The longest task was cutting out the small rounds of plate then punching in the radius by punching them into a nut held in a vise. Had to make about double what I needed, as many punched off center and would not have been a good match. Something you can buy for about twenty cents but need immediately is pretty frustrating.


        • Dennis
          Dennis commented
          Editing a comment
          Flathead Ted demonstrates how to make your own pills. When I did the brakes on my car I ordered the pills from Snyder's, but I wouldn't use that method and would recommend welding the end of the rod and grinding it to a sphere to get the correct length and 15 degree angle of the actuating shaft arm.

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        Naproxin at W/Mart cheaper than Alieve and works just as good. I take 2 each morning :p:::.
        Paul in CT


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