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What Success Has or Did Redi-Strip Have with Gas Tanks?

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  • What Success Has or Did Redi-Strip Have with Gas Tanks?

    I know this is kind of an odd way to start a post. Back about 30 years ago when I began the restoration of my 1930 coupe there was a Redi-Strip near Allentown PA. I had them do several of my parts including the gas tank. The gas tank was installed in the car without any further work done to it except a good slosh with gasoline. Moving forward to now, I'm running with a pencil type filter on the shut off valve and a cast iron sediment bowl prior to the carburetor. I've often wondered what the status of my gas tank is along with the pencil filter after all these years and yes I'm well aware of that old adage "if it's not broke then don't fix it". Having said that I still wonder if I'm on the verge of rust problems in my gas. I've read the posts in Fuel System Basics and Filtering Options, great information there. Any other suggestions regarding a fuel system rust "checkup" procedure would be most appreciated.

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    I've removed my screen from the filler neck, and looked inside my tank. It looks mint, but I still use the tank valve filter as a precaution.


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      MMO adds a little bit of a coating to the inside walls of the tank. If you're not having any symptoms and the sediment // standup is staying decently clean I wouldn't loose to much sleep over it.
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        First - with all of your help I am finally happy to say that I sorted out the carb and electrical issues with my 31' and it runs very well now .. Thank You all ....

        I installed a new sediment bowl and in a day of so started seeing rust in the bottom of the bowl .. assuming the tank is rusty ... so few questions .. something i can do while the tank is in the car? Steps? Any replacement...
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        I have never changed one in 50 years and was thinking about replacing one my coupe. If you have any tips I would like to here them .thanks in advance....
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        I am getting ready to replace a leaking gas tank in my Tudor, I have a very good one coming from Berts, but ..... I'm not totally sure what I should do now.

        I have read Brent's thread over on the old barn regarding getting a tank clean, by cutting apart and then re-welding. But what do you do AFTER you get it clean? What do you do to keep it from turning back into a rusty tank?
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        Good morning Guys. I was reading Dan’s post on installing his dirty leg, and did not want to detract from it so here goes. I have some concerns with installing a pencil filter in the bottom of the fuel tank. It will certainly help protect the carb, but it will also trap dirt and moisture in the tank. When this filter does plug what are you going to do on the side of the road with a full tank...
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        Finally got around to addressing the rust in the gas tank of my 28 Tudor.
        the plan is to remove it, fill it with 10 gallons of Evaporust, clean with Por-15 cleaner degreaser, then prep with the Por-15 metal prep, followed with Por-15 paint coating.
        what are your thoughts? I have heard good reports on the Por-15 paint but have some reservations using an internal coating.
        any advise...
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        Received all my fuel system pieces for our '29 Coupe fuel system restoration. This week's goal is to drain the gallon or so of gas from the tank, replace the shut-off valve (pencil filter in hand), new gas gauge float (non-cork), cork gauge replacement gaskets, new replacement glass bowl style filter, under hood gas line, and be ready for my Zenith-1 rebuilt carburetor once Jim Bullock does his magic....
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        I started replacing various components of the fuel system on our '29 Coupe. Started with the pencil filter, new shut-off valve, rebuilt the fuel gauge, new gas lines, new glass fuel filter, and rebuilt carburetor, which has yet to be installed. Checked ALL the connections and no gas leaks. Even used a tissue which shows no wetness or odor. I have about a 1/4 tank of gas. Is the vented gas cap responsible...
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        After years of driving my 29 without the factory screen in the gas tank filler neck, I finally installed one. Now when I refuel, getting that last couple of gallons in the tank is tedious. There is no way to slowly fill the tank with most automatic shutoff nozzles. The factory screen does not let the fuel flow through it fast enough. Has anyone cut the bottom out of the screen & does this...
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        YARGTT ( Yet Another Rusty Gas Tank Thread )
        by cpf240
        I've been following the various threads here on how members have been dealing with rusty fuel tanks. While I'd love to pull the tank and ship it off to Brent, that will have to wait.
        The Rust911 concentrate should arrive today. After a PM session over FB ( Facebook, not the ) with the Rust911 people, I'll be picking up 10 gallons of distilled water to use in the process.

        01-25-2019, 05:02 PM