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Clutch Disc F150 3spd w/OD

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  • Clutch Disc F150 3spd w/OD

    I need a Clutch Disc for the F150 Transmission Input Shaft. Need 9"dia, 10 teeth spline and 1 1/6" shaft to install with a Model A Clutch and Throw Out Bearing on Model A Flywheel.
    The hole for the Torsion Spring hub on the Model A Pressure Plate is 5" dia.
    Folks say use 86 TBird 2.3L 4cyl Turbo, but that hub is about 5 3/4" dia. Have learned that are using the Pressure Plate also.
    Appreciate your input.

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    ? Have Ft Wayne clutch re-line it?


    • Paul K.
      Paul K. commented
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      Good thought tbirdtbird.. I tried a local brake/clutch re-builder and they refused to re-line it. Did not say why.

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    I think we got ours from Speedway motors,know it was 9" with 10 teeth to go with the 3 finger V8 clutch. The A vendor's plastic stock tranny alignment tool doesn't fit by the way.


    • Paul K.
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      I contacted them plyfor, and they referred me to their source, RAM Clutches, Talked to Mark there. He said their center hubs were larger than 5".
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    Try the Early Ford V8 (sales) Store in San Dimas , Ca. or Gaslight A parts in Ohio. The Early Ford store has the kits we've used also on later cars.. Our current set up is a V8 clutch, lightened flywheel, V8 pressure plate which perhaps matches your system.. I believe our throw out and pilot bearings were stock model A.
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    • Paul K.
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      Ok plyfor. I will call them tomorrow, Thanks.

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    Contact one of the guys that build the kits: Ken, Dave, Gary.
    Alaskan A's
    Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska
    Model A Ford Club of America
    Model A Restorers Club
    Antique Automobile Club of America
    Mullins Owners Club


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      I just went through this. contact [email protected] The clutch # is CDO-0924 I got the plastic alignment tool from Dave Delmue Last name probably not correct spelling. After I installed my engine I read about caged clutch springs, I don't know if this model has this feature so ask Mark. I would like to know too if you find out.


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        I'm running an F150 gearbox and it has a specially made clutch plate which frankly looks a bit Micky Mouse. However, at the time of installation I discovered that a 4 cylinder Ford Mustang clutch would do the trick. I would need to go back and do a bit of research on this one, but it was from a Mustang quite a few years ago?


        • George Miller
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          That is what I use.

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        4 banger mustang had to be the fox body 80's up to 93. Could be that bastard mustang 2 as well....


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          Guys, the 4 banger Mustang clutch won't work and as Paul stated in the first thread. He's running a Model A pressure plate and the 9" Mustang clutch won't work. He's looking for a 9" clutch plate that fits the F150 input shaft (1 1/4" x 10 spline) and also works with the Model A pressure plate, throwout bearing and flywheel.
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          • George Miller
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            I'm sorry but I running a F150 transmission and a Mustang clutch plate. I do not remember the year. Had it on the computer but it crashed and I lost it. The flywheel has been faced and a V8 pressure plate.

          • AL in NY
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            George, that's the combination I'm running also. But Paul's question is about Model A pressure plate and flywheel.

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