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Coolant Filter for 95 Cents

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  • Coolant Filter for 95 Cents

    In the Twin Cities we have a surplus store called "Ax Man", and I found they have a box full of these 2" cooking strainers for only 95 cents plus tax.
    I used my Dremel to cut the wire off the handle and hook. This leaves a perfect 2" strainer to fit in the top hose, close to the radiator. Radiator Filter 95 cents.JPG

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    I hope you bought the whole box
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      X2 The price of materials would be considerably higher. Are they stainless?


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        Originally posted by Dennis View Post
        X2 The price of materials would be considerably higher. Are they stainless?
        Yes, they are stainless, but I only bought 3 of them.


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          Tom, if you over there again, pick me up 3, or we can swing by before the meeting.

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        The local surplus store has these 2" strainers for 95 cents.
        All I have to do is cut the wire off both sides, and it will make a perfect filter for the top hose.

        02-20-2018, 06:23 PM
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        Anybody else use a coolant filter to keep the nasties out of the radiator core? I've had a lot of trouble with rust flakes from my engine that sat for 37 yrs full of rust flakes. I've chipped, done the wiggle wire reaming, has been sand blasted where it was visible, sat for weeks with evaporust, and pressure washed recently. I knew some would eventually pop loose and find their way to the radiator...
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        Any of you guys ever tried something like this? Looks like a good idea at least until you are running clean..............

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        Look forward to the answers so I can move on.

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        I have my Wix filter on the glass bowl, as shown in one of Mitch's photos resting in the depression. I have a screen on top of that, and a new cork gasket on top of the screen. It leaks.

        The gasket is covering all of the holes around the filter. Should those holes be exposed? I am not sure if it makes a difference. I am guessing that the fuel enters through the center hole and goes out...
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