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A good day for the Model A

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  • A good day for the Model A

    After my post of the problems of yesterday, I finally turned on the key and cranked the engine rebuild. To my delight it started on about the first revolution. With the advance all the way up and the GAV turned down to about a quarter turn it just purred along hitting every cylinder. This engine had not run in over 30 years. I my shop I was able to pull the pistons and add new rings, lap the valves into the seats already there, set the valve clearances, work with shims to set the clearances on the mains and rods, rebuild a distributor, rebuild the water pump, add a new Snyder high compression (5.5) head, and partially rebuild a Zenith carb after my fiasco with the Tilly.

    Needless to say I am quite happy today. Tomorrow I take her for a shakedown ride to see what might be the next things necessary. I have not really rebuilt an engine (although there is a lot still undone on this rebuild) since 1966 when I was 14 years old and did the engine on my standard roadster. It feels real good to be successful. Thanks to all that helped me with lots of questions answered along the way.

    By the way I did have one snafu. I remember posts from Tom W. years ago about checking for a clear muffler before starting a car that had been sitting a while. I blew out pieces of mice, nests, food, all over my shop when it first started. I should have remembered and followed your advice Tom, now I have a real clean up job for tomorrow.


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    Super!! Great job!


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      Thats great news Rich
      Sometimes just a fresh new day makes a world of difference.

      what did you ever do to fix the carb leak at the drain plug?
      3 ~ Tudor's
      Henry Ford said
      "It's all nuts and bolts"

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        I had to change to another old bottom half. Soaked in carb cleaner over night then changed out jets and reassembled. Only issue is that I need to change the gas valve. Takes a vice grip on the handle to turn it off and on.

        Cant wait to drive the 5.5 cylinder head tomorrow.


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          My tank valve was very tight also when I bought my 29, but after lapping the taper with toothpaste, installing a new shaft seal, and giving the valve a light coat of grease, it has been leak free for over 20 years, and turns very easily now.


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