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    Rusty radiator water stains from a concrete driveway?

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    muriatic acid? that is how masons clean mortar and cement etc. Maybe try a small area. Watch out the stuff is powerful.Not good for eyes,skin, etc. If you have trouble finding it, pool stores have it


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      Scrub it with dry sand & a red rubber sanding block. Scrub until your upper lip gets SWEATY!
      Bill Abrasive


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        Why not use bleach? Well, I can see not using bleach if you have anything other than a natural color driveway, but if it's concrete color, bleach should be less toxic than acid, but not by a whole lot, and just think of the tie die pattern on your work pants that you can generate!!
        You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


        • Mitch
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          Wiz i think your running out of ink!!

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        Kitty litter, then do a dance on it.. lol
        3 ~ Tudor's
        Henry Ford said
        "It's all nuts and bolts"

        Mitch's Auto Service ctr


        • DaWizard
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          Oh NO, that is for OIL stains, radiator rust really needs bleach.

        • Mitch
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          Just messin

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        Tomorrow it's Dollar General for the bleach. BTW oil sorb is much cheaper that kitty litter. But don't use it in the cat box, too dusty.


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          Nothing would clean my white porcelain kitchen sink until I went to Fleet Farm and bought some Bowl Cleaner. That got it bright white right away.
          When I did the vinegar cleaning on my 28 I made the mistake of draining it on the concrete, and it still has the rust stains.


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