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  • Model A back in the day

    real life photo of an A in 1940.

    not much tread left on those tires. And I notice one headlight has a jeweled visor.
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    I have a matching tire with the air showing thru.
    I'm looking for a match to my single jewel visor on my barn car. Jeff
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      Look at those bumper clamp locations. Seems that the whole bumper took a shot and is shoved over to the l/s. It’s good to see that they chocked the r/f wheel, safety first.
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      "It's all nuts and bolts"

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        Just one (1) opinion on this above Great American Model A Photo:

        These citizens were the poorest of the poor. During this era, some were Whites, some were Blacks, many Creole, prior to a period of their having multiple Free Government EBT cards and multiple Free Government handouts where extra Free cash money and extra Free time allowed them to resort to becoming dependent on today's harmful illegal drugs. I was raised back then with these types of most honorable, wonderful citizens; and I actually knew several of these guys who left Louisiana in the 1930's to go pick strawberries in Michigan after the Louisiana sugar crops were harvested.

        They were vintage honest, law abiding Model A type citizens, like many of us seniors in this hobby today. Most that I knew served with great honor and distinction during WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam .... not one back then would ever think of kneeling when the National Anthem was played.

        This photo represents a typical untold Model A story of hard working citizens that I actually witnessed back then ... which was later ......... and still is today totally obliberated by 100% U.S. slanted "Fake News". May God Bless all of these poor old honorable vintage guys in this photo and all those before us during this historical and most wonderful U.S. Patriotic era when we were all poor.


        • canadian
          canadian commented
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          thank you H L , for a respectful story. Our family trees here in Newfoundland are loaded with stories and song about the hardship that they struggled to survive. we can never forget were we came from.

        • Jeff/Illinois
          Jeff/Illinois commented
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          Very true H.L. And now some of our Left wing state governments are playing with the idea of a 'Basic Guaranteed Income' of $1500 per person per month . Super bad idea for all the obvious reasons.

          That photo almost looks like Illinois State employees on the job. One guy doing the work and three standing there watching him and all drawing Union pay!!

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        Hi Mr. canadian,

        In addressing your Newfoundland family tree "stories" and "songs" and maybe mentioning just a few thousands former Canadian cousins down here:

        Stories: Their "Before" Louisiana Purchase history stories ..... are ..... were ..... and still are ..... well hidden with Fake News ..... e.g., until one thoroughly researches "Acadian Slaves" who were brutally divided and sold after 1755 and were documented to have been placed in chains further south along the east coast and released about (10) years later in 1765 after the Treaty ..... our local census shows their late arrival in 1765.

        Songs: Your many cousins down here .......... about 150 miles west of here ......... still play your 16th century Maritime Province music that they played way up prior to the arrival of the Mayflower further south.

        One can still hear these ancient songs by looking up something like: Ambrose Thibodeaux – Authentic French Acadian Music (1966 ...

        And don't forget, lots of these guys were like many other U.S. citizens in that they drove Model A Fords every day and were never afraid to drive anywhere to find work.
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        • canadian
          canadian commented
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          I am only a boy of 59 years old, my father is 86 with a young 74 year old girlfriend.Newfoundland has always struggled to survive. my father grew up in a time he says when the youngsters were tied on and dogs roamed free. probably only 10% French here in small pockets, most French in Canada is New Brunswick and Quebec. despite poverty, wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail, fog, frost ,sometimes sun... we have pristine water , lakes ponds ,fishing ,hunting, clear air, sexiest women to keep us warm. OIL .. we are oil rich but because we are poor second cousins to Canada government has raped the most of that with legislation . Frig it iam staying

        • canadian
          canadian commented
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          just wanted to add, for me to have or be involved with Model A , I purchased a 29 Fordor in western Canada and shipped to Newfoundland , over 5000km.

        • Ted Duke
          Ted Duke commented
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          Stationed at NAS Argentia 1961-63, Lived in Placentia for first year. Beautiful country, wonderful honest and friendly people. Landlord and neighbors helpful to me and to my wife when I deployed to Iceland. Would love to go back for a visit.

        • H. L. Chauvin
          H. L. Chauvin commented
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          If you ask me, I think you should go back and enjoy their devoted friendship.

          For the past almost ten years my oldest son invites me to accompany him to hunt doves deep into Mexico.

          Same Mexican hotel employees & bar tenders in tux's always remember us and hug us upon arrival. Most have been employed at this same wonderful hotel for over 25 years. Local courteous, proud, and happy well dressed hard working restaurant waiters remember us.

          Young lady who picks us up at the airport has a rosary hanging from her rear view mirror. These people are true devout Christians ..... nothing like our millions of U.S. dirty rat fink thugs we cultivated to give free stuff to here in our U.S. cities

          If these hard working people deep in this small town of Mexico would relocate their wonderful restaurants, (as is), in our U.S., we would definitely have a U. S. restaurant closing crisis.

          But with 50 years of totally Fake U.S. News, Americans will always continue to know nothing of this .....

          My opinion .... pack your bags before it is too late .... no doubt we recently drastically changed .... appears they are still the same.

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        I've seen MANY such scenes! With MATTRESSES/CHAIRS/SPARE TIRES & WHEELS tied on the roofs & some with trailers. Out searchin' for work & better wages. Chief was always searching for better wages & we NEVER went HUNGRY!
        Chiefs' Son


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          God gave me my Irish Relatives to try to grant me some humility. My mother came from county Roscommon, in the Irish province of Connaught. This is where Cromwell had driven them in his depredations in a country where he had no business being. Now my father's people were quite the opposite. In the 1400s One ancestor was a Hugh Ross, Laird of Clan Ross. Other relatives were the Bosworths of Bosworth Field (Richard III,1485)In Leicestershire. Many others from France, Holland and Germany. One branch, The Condits, came from Wales where they had stopped for a couple of generations, Having come from France where they interbred with the locals and produced that ilk known as Normans. (They were Badassed) Originally known as Vikings, they invaded the French coast and rented themselves out as Mercenaries. 19 members of this family fought in in the Continental Army. Eventually they all found their way to NJ and My Dutch Grandmother married my Irish grandfather and continued the line.


          • Terry, NJ
            Terry, NJ commented
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            I realized how inappropriate this was. But the tendency to relive hard times is a strong one. I didn't mean to offend anyone with my family tree, but I love carrying a point to absurdity and well beyond sometimes. Most of that stuff I wrote is, while I get from as fact, It is unverified fact, in other words, I'm not lying, But I can't vouch for someone else's veracity! But this is about Mod. A s, not family histories.

          • pAAt
            pAAt commented
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            I liked the story when I read it this morning. I was wondering if you got any of the Badassed genes and are you going to Brents in April ? Might have to dig up my suit of armor Pat

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          It says repairing a punctured tyre, but I see the hub nut has been removed and he appears to be trying to remove the rear hub/brake drum. Perhaps its a bit more serious than a puncture?


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            Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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