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  • Casting holes

    Anyone know how these casting holes were factory sealed.

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    I had a couple like what you show on the side of the cylinder. I think they are just air pockets that don't go all the way through, but I sandblasted mine and filled them with JB Weld.

    I'm not sure what you have in the lower cooling chamber, but I'd do the same repair there.


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      If you look carefully, you see these slightly offset towards the middle of the block, from the water holes in the top off the block. They are on several model a blocks I have. Not on the B block I have. These, on this block, are sticking out and peeling a little. Others are hard to see and blended against the block wall. They are definitely a factory thing. For what purpose, I don't know.there are two equal distance from the water inlet. I pressure tested this block, and it doesn't leak.


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        I wonder if they are pour or vent holes for the casting process? I'll have to look at my block. If they are pour of vent holes, then they are solid cast and nothing to worry about.


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          My block stamped with a serial number I've been told would have been 1/3/29 is smooth in those areas. I wonder if that was something they changed in later production.


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            Those marks are from chaplets. They are used to support sand cores in relation to the mold and prevent drift. Most chaplets for iron castings are made of mild steel and tin plated. They fuse into the iron casting wall, leaving marks on the casting surfaces. Both core design and changes in foundry production practice will account for their placement and use (or not).


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              Thanks for the explanation and picture.


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