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Some Days it doesn't pay to get out of Bed!

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  • Some Days it doesn't pay to get out of Bed!

    I started another post about losing the keys to the popout ignition on the Town Sedan that I am about to start up. So I contacted Dick Crabtree and finally sent mine to have him rebuild as necessary. He called and is sending it back this week. Well this morning I was looking for a simple washer and dumped a small plastic bin of parts on my tool bench and there was the key!!! Someone on this site stated it would eventually show up.

    Replaced the very sloppy fit throttle shaft on the "rebuilt" carb that I purchased from someone (another story), with the bushing and a new shaft and finally mounted the carb on the car. Turned on the gas and it started to leak out the bottom bad. It was coming from the drain plug. The moment I touched it with a wrench it fell off. The darned rebuilder had used a bottom half with the threads all stripped out and just put the plug in to fool me I guess. So now I am back to seeing if my only other body can be used to get this darned car running.

    And if that wasn't bad enough I have been noticing that my old Sterling Packard air compressor (my Dad's and about 50 years or so old) had a belt slipping and would not get to pressure (I set at 80 lbs) without it starting to slip. So I took the time to disassemble the guards and moved the motor to tighten up the belt. Started it up and it got to about 75 lbs and blew a leak out the bottom of the 30 gallon tank. Just looked on line and replacement tanks seem to be about $250 minimum. Now what to do? I guess I will have to try the cheap Harbor Freight one to get me by.

    I don't dare touch another thing today!

    I attached a photo of some spark plugs. two are the champion 4C but the other one is a deeper base and just says Champion. Are these anything anyone would want? I will send to someone if they want them. Pretty crusty but they are not broken or cracked. I have no idea if they are just throw away parts.


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    I don't know if you do any painting (HVLP) but I have the $189 HF compressor and works air tools well. If you paint though it will only do 5.8 cfm @ 40psi. I had to resort to a lower CFM spray gun. Other than that it works very well. Sorry about your bout of luck. Some days are like that....


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      I am sitting on my porch watching a serious thunder storm approach. A very nice Cabernet Sauvignon open and I'll not do anything more today. I have one of the HF compressors in my shop in FL but I really loved how quiet and fast this one gets to pressure. A three horse motor and long stroke piston works so much easier. Found one 20 gallon tank with the mount welded on for $185. Decisions decisions.


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        Hey Rich, after investing in a new compressor, you might want to invest in a few pieces of pipe and bring the drain valve out from under the tank to a more convenient place to insure you use it. Could poke a small hole in a wall and drain it outside. Sure will save rustin out the tank in a few years, cause ya know, they don't make'm like they used to.
        You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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          The tank could be compromised structurally from rust so be careful doing a farmers fix on it. It could potentially be a bomb waiting to blow.
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          "It's all nuts and bolts"

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          • Captndan
            Captndan commented
            Editing a comment
            From experience:
            Don't go with HF compressors. Junk in my experience.
            For carbs go to Renner's Corner they are the best
            There are days like this hang in there.

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          Don't toss the plugs. They look like they will clean up, and even if they were broken, the bases are great for making engine lifts, or compression test fittings for the engine.

          I got an air compressor once at a swap meet that had a pin hole in the bottom of the tank. I drilled it out larger and used my inspection camera to check the rest of the tank. I was surprised at how nice it was except for the one little pin hole, which I had now drilled out. So I welded a pipe fitting over the drilled hole and put another drain cock in it. Now the tank has a drain at each end. The last free air compressor I got a month or two ago had the tank at a wrong slant, so I mounted a wood block to the steel leg so the water would drain to the drain cock.

          Lost items almost always show up as soon as you buy a replacement.


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            STAYING IN BED ALL DAY is NOT the answer---Then you'll be too STIFF to get up------
            Bill Diditonce


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