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  • Why Chrome Bumpers

    I have noticed alot of Model A owners put chrome bumpers on their cars, it it because they prefer the shiney look? I would prefer Stainless Steel so it would last longer. Any ideas or input would be appreciated.

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    All Model A's were built with chrome bumpers.


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      About 15 years ago I was at Hershey, and on Saturday, the last day, it was raining, but I figured I'd make one quick trip through a few rows. My last stop was a guy that had front and rear original replated 1929 Bumpers for $50 each. I bought the rears, but foolishly passed on the front, as I didn't need it at the time.


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        Chrome is correct. And only the front face was polished, not the back or edges. I have stainless steel because my storage area is damp and some of the cheaper replates or repros tend to rust after a few years. Chrome looks better, and looks correct. Stainless looks more like nickel than chrome.
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          Why NOT CHROME????---Like they say, "If it don't GO, CHROME IT"!!!
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        I appreciate the input on the chrome bumpers. I guess if I was restoring mine to be graded down the road I would put chrome on mine also. Thanks fo the input.


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          I have SS on both my cars. No one ever broke my stones over it, and they hold up and look great. The chromed bumpers from the suppliers have cheap plating. To get a good chromed bumper you need to outsource it to a quality plater IMO
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          Originally posted by Mitch View Post
          I have SS on both my cars. No one ever broke my stones over it, and they hold up and look great. The chromed bumpers from the suppliers have cheap plating. To get a good chromed bumper you need to outsource it to a quality plater IMO
          thast what ive heard and seen as well. Go stainless. Not only do you have to find a quality plater you first have to find rust pit proof bumpers...


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            Stainless looks different in shape and color. I also believe that they are not as functional, that is they are not the springs like the original unheated bumpers would be. Kind of the original 5 MPH bumper.

            As for the plating a little side note. The nickel process used during production was a dull nickel, buff then chrome. Since only the front surface was buffed the other areas would be a dull silver color like the back side of aluminum foil. Also the back sides would have the mill scale from the production processes. You would have to find a plater running a 30's dull nickel tank if you want the correct look.


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              Chrome vs. Nickel on Bumpers?
              by Pklarkin
              Hi all,

              This might be a "rookie question", so my apologies. I'm restoring a 1929 Business Coupe and the bumpers are out being replated. They called this morning to ask if I wanted chrome or nickel. Which is best?

              Thanks for any insight you can provide. As always, greatly appreciated.

              02-09-2021, 08:24 AM
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            • Steve Plucker
              New plating service to add to the list
              by Steve Plucker
              Here is a new plating service to add to the list:

     Northwest Chrome 208-278-5044 (Idaho) (2022)

              They are located near Ontario, Oregon.

              Good Afternoon

              We only offer copper, nickel, chrome finish right now. Polish only and chrome plate stainless and aluminum and pot metal.

              Thanks Again
              Joseph Garcia
              07-08-2022, 06:26 PM
            • Steve Plucker
              Chrome Plating woooooooos........What happened?
              by Steve Plucker
              In all my 56 years of seeing many different 28-29 front bumpers and bumper bars, I have never seen anything like this.

              Unfortunatley I do not have any photos but here is the visual...

              Perfectly Chrome Plated front bumper bars EXCEPT for the edges on both sides of each bar.

              On each edge of each bar are what appear to be pits or craters within the chrome plating...
              11-23-2022, 12:46 AM
            • Steve Plucker
              Chrome Plating Wooooooes...What happened here...THE REST OF THE STORY.....
              by Steve Plucker
              So I finally got my bumpers back from the plater. He had removed the Chrome and the Nickel thus leaving the Copper plating on the bars.

              Yes, there were pits but not MAINLY from the bar itself. Since the Copper is somewhat softer than the steel bumper bar, I was able to sand down the Copper to the steel which showed few pits but not as dramatic and prolific as what the plated bar looked...
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            • rkmiller
              Bumper opinion - rechrome or go stainless
              by rkmiller
              I have a good original straight front bumper, some corrosion - will have to look it over more closely - for my 1929 OCPU. However, I know that Paul's chrome in PA will do a good job, but it will likely cost me $1-2K.

              I like to use original when I can, but in this case the Stainless Steel front bumpers look decent and are a lot less with no corrosion going forward.

              02-10-2021, 09:47 AM
            • TOMANDSUSAN
              chrome shops in Phila
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              Good morning all, My wife is looking to get the bumper guards re-chromed on her 53 Victoria and we were wondering if anyone has used a chrome shop in Phila or South Jersey and had good results.
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              09-18-2017, 11:51 PM
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              Mitch's two Model As..
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              Don't get mad Mitch. This question has been on my mind for a long time.

              In past posts, you show your two Model A point cars. One front bumper is kinda straight and the other has a nice gentle curve to it.

              I recall reading somewhere, a long time ago, that the 30/31 front bumpers had a nice curve to them. Both my Model As had staineless steel bumpers. Both the front ones...
              11-07-2019, 10:32 PM