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  • Vendor Report! (Best Gasket)

    Early last week, I ordered a set of rear end gaskets from Best Gaskets, T.A. Vintage Gaskets, T.A. Carlisle Auto. I still haven't received them. There's a lot of flooding between here and there so maybe they just couldn't get through. I called them this AM and the guy (very polite) and he told that I'd probably get them today. There was a minor issue. Their ad says, 1000 in stock! Uhh Not quite! The guy had to look to verify that they had any at all! He called me back and said he did and they would be shipped that day. (Little company trying to be a big company?) Oh well, whatever! But then the guy dropped the info that they also sell harnesses! He's going to call me back with a price for a 30 Town Sedan. Stay tuned, more to follow!

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    I would buy a harness from a proven place. That could be a bad move IMO
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      yup - sacramento vintage makes thiers in house and solders all the flags. you do not want one without soldered crimps.


      • Terry, NJ
        Terry, NJ commented
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        Hmmmmm, I'll bear that in mind ! I never thought about that aspect.

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      Hands down fine point or driver i would not get a harness from anyone but Tyree Harris
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      • Dennis
        Dennis commented
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        Mark could you please post a link or phone number to Tyree Harris?

      • BNCHIEF
        BNCHIEF commented
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        Dennis 804-556-5200

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      Well, Gentlemen, I don't think I'll be getting anything more from Vintage or Carlisle! I think he was B S ing me about having some on hand. He mentioned going back to the maker for more and I think that's what he did because the mail came and nothing! Anyone can make the first sale, But can you make the second?


      • Terry, NJ
        Terry, NJ commented
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        OK, I was Wrong! I came in just before dark, It had not arrived, yet. I went out again about 7:30 and I stumbled over the package by the door. It had arrived after dark. I should have held my fire for one more day!

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