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England's Commercial Model "A" Chasiss the "TUG or 3-Wheel Mechanical Horse"...

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  • England's Commercial Model "A" Chasiss the "TUG or 3-Wheel Mechanical Horse"...

    During the post years of 1935 and 1936, starting in September of 1935, the Dagenham, England assembly plant assembled from the Light Commercial Model "A" Chassis what they called a "Tug or 3-Wheel Mechanical Horse".

    You fellows from England...Just what was that?

    38 were assembled in 1935 and 60 were assembled in 1936.




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    Tugs are used to pull airplanes and baggage carts around. I've seen Model A ones here in the U.S.
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      Thanks Tom.



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        Look up Scammell; "In 1934, Scammell produced the three-wheeled Mechanical Horse, designed by Oliver North to replace horses in rail, postal and other delivery applications. This featured automatic carriage coupling and the single front wheel could be steered through 360 degrees. It was sold in three- and six-ton versions. The three-tonner was powered by a 1,125-cc side-valve petrol engine and the six-tonner by a 2,043-cc engine. Karrier had introduced a similar vehicle, the Cob, four years earlier."


        "The Thompson Mk Vc Aircraft Fueller can be seen at the Yorkshire Air Museum: "it is is a small three-wheeled, airfield-based refuelling vehicle, powered by a Ford 10hp petrol engine... The three-wheeled, low slung design made it easier to get close to aircraft for refuelling":
        Read more at"


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          Mike is spot on about the Scammell. I remember them very well. British railways used them at all their goods depots. They were used for local deliveries. The automatic couple was very clever for the period. You used to see the drivers reverse into the front of a small semi-trailer, the double hooks were situated on separate ramps on the rear of the Scammell. As the Scammell coupling touched the twin rollers under the front of the semi-trailer, it would lift the front of the semi-trailer and the supporting trailer legs would automatically fold up and the Scammell was ready to drive away with the new trailer. Fascinating to watch as a young boy.


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            Have a look at this link about the Scammell Mechanical Horse....Scammell mechanical horse automatic coupling


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