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Where can I buy reasonable Stainless Steel Back Bumpers

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  • Where can I buy reasonable Stainless Steel Back Bumpers

    I am trying to find the best price on Stainless Steel Back Bumpers for my 1930 Model A. I have new front Stainless Steel bumpers already. Any suggestions?

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    Ask where you bought your front bumpers. Remind them of your purchase and ask for a discount on the back ones.

    I did read some time ago that the margins on the best ones are pretty slim. Back sides of originals were not polished.
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      Check out "Little Dearborn" in Minnesota.
      The last I knew they were having bumpers built here in the Twin Cities.
      Terry is the new owner, and they moved from downtown to the west side of the cities.


      • CarlG
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        Little Dearborn is where I got the bumper that is on the back of my pickup.

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      Everyone is probably all in the same neighborhood on price. Wherever you go tell them that you are a VFF member and demand a discount
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      • Fixitphil
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        That's a great idea anywhere you go to buy parts, Mitch.
        Thanks for the reminder,

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      As far as I am aware there is only one company making the stainless bumpers both front and rear. I talked to him the other day, and he warned me that his source of stainless has started to raise the price on the raw material, and the polisher's prices are going up. He works hard to keep the price the same. I just looked at a catalog from 2013 and the prices on the stainless bumpers have not changed. They are a quality part and well worth the money. I believe the Little Dearborn only make the chrome bumpers.


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        So, is it obvious when you look at a stainless bumper vs chrome. What are the price differences?


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          BAAP, I think you are right about Little Dearborn only making the chrome bumpers. About 8 years ago our club took a tour of the bumper company, and it was interesting to see the machine put the bends in the bumpers, then go through the polishing and chrome process.


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            I decided to order from Little Dearborn. They have the stainless Steel for the rear at a good price right now.


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              During the war, our local Spring Shop made utilitarian bumpers, not PRETTY, but STRONG!
              Dad Boing!


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                Well I;m back to square one. Although Little Dearborn has Stainless Bumpers listed on there website, they no longer carry them. Tom you were correct on this. I guess I will keep looking for them. Hugh


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                  Look in the Snyders catalog or call Tom Jordan at Snyders.
                  Good enough.. Isn't.


                  • copgib
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                    Thanks Larry I have made contact with Tom ad he is taking care of me. Hugh

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                  If you could use a good used one, you could try Bert's in Denver.


                  • copgib
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                    thanks for the suggestion. Hugh

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