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35 Ford wire wheels

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  • 35 Ford wire wheels

    I really like the way these wheels look on a Model A especially fat tires on the back Skinny's on the front my wheels are 16 in could someone give me a modern tire size to buy these tires when I tell somebody 750 16 or 600 - 16 they have no idea what I'm talking about I know I guess I'm not in the modern world to know all these metric tire sizes any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I would go with post #11 in this thread
    Do any of you use modern tubeless 16" tires on 1935 Ford wire wheels? If you do, what tires are you using and what has been your experience with fit of
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      600X16 bias ply tires convert to radial tire size 195/80R16

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    Do any of you use modern tubeless 16" tires on 1935 Ford wire wheels? If you do, what tires are you using and what has been your experience with fit of the tires on the wheels, ride quality, etc? I have a nice set of 16 wheels and have been thinking about going this direction for longer touring. Thanks for any info.

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    I am a real newby with my just purchasing a model a so i have to ask am i right in seeing 19inch rims and 16inch rims on a model a? Thank you
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    I just purchased a nice set of 16" Ford wire wheels. After viewing several threads for recommended tire sizes for these rims, I have a couple of questions. The manufacturer for the Model "A" 4.47/5.00x19 tires startes the tire diameter as 29.5 inches. The recommended size I find for use on the 16" rims is 205/70R16, which have a diameter of 27.3 inches. That equates to a speedometer...
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    Coker Radial Tires for the Model A
    by CarlG
    Coker is now offering Radial tires in Model A tire sizes, both 19" & 21", Blackwall & Whitewall:

    They look like the Firestone bias ply tires.

    Not cheap, but what is these days!
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