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Pictures of my Unrestored 1929 Tudor Rear Interior

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  • Pictures of my Unrestored 1929 Tudor Rear Interior

    Here are some pictures of the rear inside of my 2-23-29 Tudor.
    Notice my car has both the slot and bracket to fasten the top of the rear seat.
    This was built during the transition from the slot to the bracket, so mine still has the slot.
    Notice the sound deadening pads and the amount of body color that they received.
    It wasn't until I removed my outside door handle that I saw the original Rose Beige paint and orange pinstripe.
    Notice the last picture shows the bolt that fastens the bottom of the backrest, and part of the backrest has broken and is still with the bolt.

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    My 1-10-29 tudor has the slots, and not the bracket. It also has the bar under the rear of the front seats, not the cups.
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    Eastern Connecticut


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      I'm surprised to hear the bar was still in use on your 1-10-29 Tudor front seats.
      My 2-23-29 has the cups. It also has the drum taillight, but has the first style new 2 tooth steering box.


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        Mine has the drum taillamp, and the 7 tooth steering box. Several photos of the restoration on my web site
        Eastern Connecticut


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