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  • Leakless Water Pump

    Trying to fix a leaking water pump and I am puzzled. I made the mistake of taking apart the current pump and then putting all the parts I have accumulated together. Wouldn't be so bad except that the newest leakless pack nut has the seal taken out of the pack nut (me bad) and now I dont know which way it goes.

    I hope I have loaded the pictures properly. I need to know which side of this seal goes against the pressed in bushing and which goes against the base of the pack nut. Any help?
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    The one side has a spring correct?

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      Yes there is a spring like shown. I have put it in the proper orientation, thank you.

      What do you suggest for grease? I have a general lithium grease and a high temp red Moly grease. Is there a special grease best used on the water pump? And one that I could buy locally?


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        Did I do something different to make this a "topic starter" instead of a general post? Not sure that I have seen that before.


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        I've said it before and I'll say it again. The "leakless" water pumps and some other water pump components being offered by vendors are RUBBISH. I suspect it is because they don't rust and remain looking good that so many buy the stainless steel shafts. They are too soft and wear rapidly. Anything more than 20,000 miles out of a new leakless pump is a bonus. I don't believe it is even possible these days to buy a decent shaft.
        I've given up on them, even the ones from that guy who hardens the shaft some (they are better but still use the same design). I convert to a modern seal with the shaft running on ball bearings. Never worn out one of mine but they are a lot of fiddling to get done. I've done one for each car and that's it.
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          The picture on the left with 6 dots should face the radiator.
          It's the same if the seal is placed in the rear of the brass bushing, which is how mine is.
          In the rear of the brass bushing keeps the antifreeze and grease separated.


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            I have owned a Model A for 25 DAYS! I so much appreciate the wisdom that so many of you are willing to share on this forum, thank you!
            The question is: I have heard of "leakless" water pumps that do not need to be oiled or greased. How would I know if this beautifully restored 1931 has such a pump?
            I understand that some pumps have the grease fitting installed just for show,...
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            You do not have permission to view this gallery.
            This gallery has 4 photos.
            04-28-2021, 10:51 PM