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Dialing in Flywheel housing

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  • Dialing in Flywheel housing

    I have gotten questions about this,
    so I decided to re-post the link from the tech section.

    Tom W is lucky enough to have the fancy tools, but in this write up I posted an easy way to do this with just a short length of angle iron and a feeler gauge

    For proper operation, the engine crankshaft must be exactly inline with the transmission input shaft. This is accomplished by dialing in the flywheel cover. You

    if there are any questions please feel free to post directly to the link above, so that everyone can have access to the Qs and As when they open that link

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    Thank you for that information.
    That is on my mind and a must do.


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      Often thought of is that some Model A owners may have more in-shop scrap metal on hand; while others may have more in-shop scrap wood on hand.

      Some may find it more convenient using either metal or wood material for dreaming up, trying, and making unique and "wild" Model A paraphernalia.

      In the past, I made combination engine/differential stands, & many weird, unheard of Model A tools with wood, metal, PVC pipe, steel pipe, coat hangers and whatnot.

      FWIW: For flywheel type adjustments, I followed something similar to Mr. Les Andrew's diagrams and used bolts and scrap wood in lieu of metal while measuring all with a feeler gauge.

      Hope this helps someone to make more room and clear out one's Model A shop loaded with in-shop scrap materials.


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        There is so much information in those two tech forums. They consist of many threads combined into one for each topic. A resource like no other which is easy to use and built by the members. Most of the posts have links to the original thread that they originated from.
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