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  • Early 31 ccpu top

    Dose the cotton batting on top only cover the wood and chicken wire, or dose the cotton continue down to the drip rails? Can anyone lead me to a thread on applying top material to an 82B? Thanks

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    There is no chicken wire. A layer of black duck cloth goes over the bows, then the cotton, only over the open area, not down to the drip rails, then the top material. The duck cloth acts as a headliner, and supports the cotton batting.
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      The pictures and comments at this link should help.



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        Thanks Bob

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        VERY informative link!

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      Thank you soooo much Bob, that's a great set of instructions. I tried to print them out since we don't have internet in the barn, but it would not print. We will be installing the top today as a club project for one of the members. Thanks again for the help.


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        Yea, I’ve studied the top link above - including trying to print out some of the 31 pages. Not easy, and it’s hard to blow them up. Thank you too for the info on the top padding. I would have extended it over the sheet metal down to the drip rails. Now I know why they say you can’t have any dents on the sheet metal. The vinyl won’t hide much.


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