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RPU top measurement needed

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  • RPU top measurement needed

    I would like someone with a 28-9 roadster pickup to measure the distance from the top of the door to the highest point of the top. Thank you.
    Eastern Connecticut

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    I have a '29 but have not installed top as of yet.


    • Mitch
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      Plus the doors are crooked Just kidding

    • Beauford
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      I gonna smack you....LOL

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    1928-1929 Open Cab TOP parts
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    What is meant by the following parts associated with the 1928-mid 1930 Open Cab Top:

    1. A-42330 Container (Top Curtain) Assy? Would this be the "container" that contained the Side Curtains for Open Cars?

    2. A-77765 Deck (top) Assembly? Would this be the material that is on the very top of the roof?

    3. A-37544 Strainer (Top Back Curtain) ?
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    '29 RPU top irons.
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    So just trying to get top in order while waiting on DMV. It seems my rear most iron is really wide to connect to the points behind the doors.(the ears?) Do you flex these to fit? It has the wood piece in the middle. Of course no instructions...
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    Top iron
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    i mocked up these irons. Does it look correct?
    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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    Need pictures of a 28 roadster top and irons on car. This is needed for my upholsterer to guide him. Its been a few years since he has done a 28, and I want mine to look original since I will have my original top irons and wood in a couple of days for him.
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    looks like a roadster to me
    except for the fancy hinge trim on the soft top
    I was under the impression that cabriolets were 4 doors
    please enlighten me
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    New top install on a 1929 Model A Ford Leatherback Briggs 60B
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    I am deciding if I should install a new top since the front half of the top is already pull back for a header and door post install.

    Can I install a new top without taking out and ruining the new inside upholstery around the rear window?? Pics attached

    I believe the top is cut in around the window and folded inside the car to be tacked down.

    The old top is in...
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  • Atlasboy
    Putting a new Top on a Cabriolet
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    I can’t find a local Convertible Top installer , so I think I will put a new Top on my Model A Cabriolet myself.
    The present Top was installed in 1950 according to the former owner of the Car, and it is well fitted but it is also in need of replacement.
    I did install a new Top on a Model A Roadster some years ago and it did turn out very well so I do have some experience.
    09-29-2018, 04:50 PM