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Valve guide removal tool!

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  • Valve guide removal tool!

    Ok, who has an extra valve guide removal tool?

    I went through all the drawers in my tool box and it appears mine has done a vanishing act!

    I did find the ring compression tool, the slimmed down tappet adjustment wrenches, and a couple other tools that I knew I had, but that got shifted around into the wrong drawers, but the valve guide tool is missing.

    I would like to use one that looks like a double question mark in the middle. I saw the one the vendors offer today, but I don't fancy smackin the head of a perfectly good valve to get the guide out.

    Little help friends, I will mail it back.
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    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!

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    I like the ones that fit under the valve head much better. Just be sure to use a 3/8" flat nose punch and keep it exactly in the center of the valve.

    I also own the curly one, but that one can't remove a really tight guide due to flex in the curves.


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      I greatly admire your sincere honesty and humility in admitting that you are like just the rest of us, i.e., sometimes misplacing Model A items.

      When you find it, you will realize that all of our Model A lost items are always found in the "last" place we look.

      Reason for always finding it in the "last" place?

      After we find it ............... we always quit looking!


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        You are smart to ask to borrow one. I have found that if I cannot find something, and then buy a replacement, the original shows up shortly thereafter, and then I have two to loose.
        Eastern Connecticut


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          I don't have one in my VFF tool arsenal rental cage. If I did it would be yours.

          So buy one for us to borrow
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            I use straight stem valves, so if I have stubornd one just cut the head off and drive out guide.


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              THANKS all for the help, I found one locally that I can borrow. Actually from the last source that I managed to get hold of,
              You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


              • Beauford
                Beauford commented
                Editing a comment
                Sorry, I just saw this. I would have given you mine.

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              Every time I lose something anywhere, I ask my wife for help.

              She only wants a concise description, give her about (5) minutes and there it is.

              And, I'm not just saying this because it is Valentine's Day.


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                Originally posted by H. L. Chauvin View Post
                Every time I lose something anywhere, I ask my wife for help.

                She only wants a concise description, give her about (5) minutes and there it is.

                And, I'm not just saying this because it is Valentine's Day.
                Can I borrow her???? Got lots of "lost" tools. LOL


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