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  • Calling the Chief

    hey Chief, am looking to buy a used tandem axle 14-16 ft trailer to haul a car with, used to borrow one with a 14' bed, worked great.
    In Texas if the GVW is under 4K i don't need a title.
    I know axles are rated by the springs, but once these things are built, the info about the load is long gone.

    Is there a way to tell from the number of leaves what the load rating is? Or some other way

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    Dave I just saw your post let me see if I have your number so I can get some particulars from you.


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      It only costs an additional $30 or so to get a title. Well worth it if you ever plan on selling it. (the voice of experience talking here!)
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      • BNCHIEF
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        I think he means tag Carl, if no title get a bill of sale for sure.

      • CarlG
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        Texas still requires tags, they just don't require a title for small trailers. The registration states that it is an "Untitled Vehicle". And even with the "untitled vehicle" registration and a bill of sale, Alaska wouldn't take that as proof of ownership and would require going thru the hoops of a bonded title and all that entails. I just went thru that. It was easier for me to go back to the seller, have him apply for a Texas title ($33) and sign it over to me.

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      Tbird see if this helps you
      Can I Guess or Estimate Axle Weight Capacity By Number of Lug Nuts


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        Also this
        Double eye and slipper style leaf springs for many trailer applications.


        • BNCHIEF
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          It is also important to know the weight of what you are hauling, what is the framework made of and how much cross bracing floor type and support. And tandem is the only way to go imo.

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        Chief, good job, here is what I need from that site you sent me
        Typical Axle Diameters Based on Axle Capacity
        - 1,000-lb - 2,000-lb Axles: 1-1/2 inch - 1-3/4 inch diameter
        - 3,500-lb Axles: 2-3/8 inch diameter
        - 6,000-lb - 7,200-lb Axles: 3 inch diameter
        - 8,000-lb Axles: 3-1/2 inch diameter
        - 9,000-lb Axles: 4 inch diameter
        - 10,000-lb Or more axles: 5 inch diameter

        Typically every used trailer I have ever looked at the Identifying info is long gone, ie the mfg tag, all the paperwork (as in, my dog ate my homework), some trailers are homemade and there is no tag anyway, etc etc.

        I know my desired load. Titles are nice but a royal PIA to get here if you don't have one come with the trailer (remember, everyone manages to loose their paperwork). If you walk in the DMV door without a title, you will have to get a bonded title, and that is money down the drain that you never get back, even if no one makes a claim on the trailer in a 3-yr period.

        I need to know the estimated gross, and the axle data will be the answer, and then if there is no paperwork, I am gonna lowball the gross to 4K regardless, since 4K and under do not require titles. I want the easy way out. I am done jumping thru DMV hoops.

        I am fairly conversant in trailers, having built them and used them extensively, but when I built them I was buying springs/axles eg Dexter, with known ratings. This info always manages to get lost after it is built.

        I was forced to choose between my covered trailer and my open trailer when I relocated here 10 yrs ago from the dreaded cold and rainy northeast (don't bother going there, there is nothing to see, unless you like ice and snow). Short vintage car season, etc. My opinion.
        I needed to haul one last car from the stable in that covered trailer since I moved here in January, so the open trailer stayed behind. I did not think I could pull off a triple like the big boys, I figured the cops would nail me. That last car was an original '28 Che**y Landau Coupe that I saved from the hot rodders. In fact I had gotten a frantic call from a buddy at the time, Dave you gotta come buy this car real quick to save it. Geez, original car and all and here it is sitting outside. no tarp, up to its axles in water. Obscene way to treat a car

        I had been borrowing one, but that guy knifed me in the back right after I did a half day's worth of welding on it for him
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        • BNCHIEF
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          Okay Dave will call you later around 7:30 central and we can talk.

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        In Texas ---- When you go to license the trailer, you had better get it licensed to legally allow carrying a car on it. That will require brakes and yearly inspections, etc.

        You can license a trailer "for farm use", but if you are towing with a car on the trailer, the DPS can pull you over and ticket you. It isn't legal to tow a "farm use" trailer with a car on it.


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          Originally posted by BillLee/Chandler, TX View Post
          In Texas ---- When you go to license the trailer, you had better get it licensed to legally allow carrying a car on it. That will require brakes and yearly inspections, etc.

          You can license a trailer "for farm use", but if you are towing with a car on the trailer, the DPS can pull you over and ticket you. It isn't legal to tow a "farm use" trailer with a car on it.
          You'll have to stack hay bales around the car.


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            thanks everyone for the concerns, got a mentor at the DMV, not my first rodeo


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              here is one more for you to get an overall idea
              40, Axle Placement Single/Tandem, Axle Placement Single/Tandem


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                Chief, thanks for the help!


                • BNCHIEF
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                  My pleasure anytime for anybody here.

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