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Roller track cracked ears,

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    Roller Track Centering Wood Jig:

    A. Reply No. 14 above shows one (1) of two (2) drawings in Mr. Brent's [05-04-2017-12:17 P.M.] message on. (This photo copy is difficult to read so he kindly provided the 4.620" dimension in his written message.)

    B. I removed the front wheel backing plate, and measured the diameter of the large front axle's hole in this backing plate with an adjustable metal calipers, with lower caliper ends pointing outward. (A compass with a very sharp pencil point or set of drafting dividers with two (2) sharp steel points could also be used.)

    C. From this inner backing plate hole's diameter, I found the 1/2 radius and drew a circle with this measured diameter on a manila folder with a compass with a very sharp pencil point.

    D. Then I cut the manila folder with the measured diameter, and glued it to a piece of 2" nominal soft, clear white pine, after marking the center of the circle with a sharp pencil.

    E. Next rough cut out the wood disc on a band saw, and carefully finished the disc in a vise with a wood rasp and sand paper to fit snugly in the backing plate

    F. Used a drill press to drill a (90) degree hole in the marked center of the wood disc, and provided this hole for a somewhat tight finishing nail.

    G. In an approximately 2" x 2" x 7" long nominal clear white pine, with a drill press I drilled two (2) similar finishing holes, at 4.620" (closed to 4-5/8") apart.

    H. Provided a similar nail hole through one end of the 2 x 2 and same diameter nail hole through the other end, and made sure these (2) nails were 4.620" apart, at tops and bottoms.

    I. Fifty (50) years ago, I drilled three (3) holes in a one (1) cylinder engine's cast iron flywheel for a wide 12" diameter flat belt pulley with three (3) outer mounting holes ...... it was easier in that it involved one (1) piece of wood with just two (2) sharp nails.


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      HL and everybody, you are way over my pay grade. I am going to try a farmers fix with parts I have on hand. !. First for the adjuster I am going to use the sliding wedge from flathead ted's kit. That should allow the top of the shoes to center. 2. Next I am going to use Brattons adjustable wedge floater system which should allow the lower part of the shoes to center when the brakes are applied. I have new roller tracks and pins from Brattens. Can I get the rivits hot enough with a propane torch to do the job right??


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        "Can I get the rivets hot enough with a propane torch to do the job right?"

        Probably a few different opinions on this subject; however, a propane torch always worked for me with absolutely no problems.

        Of utmost importance in my opinion is to have a very sturdy anvil or similar backup when hitting the top of the rivet.