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    When I did my front brakes I asked an old timer that had been working on model "A",s since Dinosaur poop was soft, how to center the shoes. Just bend the ears up or down. Now, I built a 45 foot sailing catamaran in my N.C. back yard and sailed her in the Caribbean for 17 years. You learn not to cycle metal real fast, especially SS. I had my doubts but I went ahead and bent the ears and now I have cracks in all four ears. New roller tracks & rivets ordered and when they arrive those shoes will just have to wear in on their own, I'm not bending anything. I took pictures of the tracks but could not get them to load. Strange but the boat picture did sorry about that.
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    When your old timer buddy was in diapers, and even today, this vertical upward and downward measurement for the horizontal surface of the front brake metal tracks is important for insuring the "exact" centering of front brake shoes.

    (I think it was Mr. Marco who published this critical distance on the Ahooga Board maybe (17) years ago; and Mr. Brent indicated this Ford Shop critical dimension a few years ago on the site.)

    After Ford's original rivets are removed, and new tracks and new rivets are provided, some tracks are re-installed with different dimensions.

    Just like your senior friend, many others suggested bending the ears on the new tracks with something like an adjustable wrench.

    Others weld up the tracks where worn and grind welds to resemble new metal tracks.

    Someone may later be able to post this critical front track dimension.

    Beautiful boat.


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      If interested, just added critical roller track dimension in Mr. carolinamudwalker's message entitled " Roller track cracked ears."


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