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    I finely found a suitable name for my car " REPOP'

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    Mines is named "the model a" a close runner up is "the sport coupe" has other choice names when I'm frustrated or bleeding from a wound it inflicted,these names are carefully constructed for maximum effect.


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      We drove about 4 hours south to look at my 29 Tudor. After climbing all over it and taking it for a test drive, we made the seller an offer. After a little haggling we came to an agreement and gave him a deposit. That was September 22, so we named her "Autumn".


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        30 tudor ... Bill
        31 roadster ... Brian
        31 tudor .... Ross
        31 fordor .... Richard
        29 tudor .... Brenner. All named for the previous owners. Jeff
        Twiss Collector Car Parts


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          Just plain ol Henrietta. I name my cars after women and my trucks after men. My old truck is Rodney even tho friends call it other names like Kermit because of the color and how the headlights look on it.
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          31 Tudor- bouncing Betty
          it doesn’t bounce but the name fits
          i was trying to call the A Mr Magoo but The family couldn’t see it.


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            The Model A is “Sister” because it was a family member when my wife was growing up.

            The Vette is “DejaBlu”

            1930 Ford Model A Deluxe Coupe
            2002 Corvette C5
            2012 Mini Cooper Clubman S
            2008 HHR
            2008 Audi Q7 Premium 4.2
            2006 Hummer H2


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              the first was 28 OCUP was "TINKER TOY" I was always tinker with it. from the ground up.
              Second one was "TINKER TOO" or "COMPONE MOBILE" because it was always holding me up for more money. Black SW 31, 4 door.

              Richard Fords in NC


              • carolinamudwalker
                carolinamudwalker commented
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                Rich, I have always liked Tinker Toy It just fit.

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              I have always called the tudor the tudor. I have never given any of my cars names.
              Eastern Connecticut


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                I named mine Wheezer because if you have ever seen the movie Steel Magnolias, it is a Wheezer. It also has this funny intake noise that sounds like a vacuum.
                You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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                  Thinking of Ms. Daisy. Not sure yet


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                    My '28 pickup is just "Pickup" but my first car was a 1930 fordor sedan in high school had "Hector" painted on the dash. "28 coupe/farm truck front yard art is "Rusty"


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                      My 29 CCPU is called Martha. It is named after one of the most temperamental gals I have ever met !


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