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  • Spider C-Clip

    The C clip doesn't want to fully seat in the grove on horn rod which causes it to jump off when putting on switch. I've read somewhere people file the reproduction C clips. Where would you file on these? The ends?

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    See how the C clip fits without the spider in place.
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      It’s been a few years for me :-( the clip has to slide over the rod, also needs to fit into ( the spider) something, it’s been a few years. Just dress the clip a little with a file!
      Laid under the car and push all up and installed the clip worked for me! :-)


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        Just make sure you have a yard stick or equivalent across the switch top at the steering wheel. That will make sure the whole rod stays in place while you put the bottom together.
        You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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          OR, use a grandkid! That gives them some seat time pretending to drive :-)

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        You should test fit the c-clip in the counterbore on the spider. I found the clip was too big to go in. A little work on the edge of the clip with a file should do the trick.


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          I lost my "C" clip. I cut a slot in a flat washer. A few licks with a file and Bob's yer uncle
          Has it ever occurred to you that the sole purpose for your existence might be to serve as a warning to others?


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            Yes, as mentioned check the fit into the spider recess, and also check the fit into the rod groove before you begin fighting to install the parts. I have found the repro C clips to be a bit too thick, so I had to file them thinner. Also notice the C clip is stamped out, which gives one side a sharp edge, while the other side has a bit more rounded edge. I'd file the rounded side, and be sure to install the sharpest edge against the bottom end of the rod, for the best grip.


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              Anytime you are working with the pesky c clip, if you don’t have a couple of spares, you can count on loosing one.
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                Ahhhh HA!!! Yes, filing it until it fit into recess of spider was it! My eyes are horrible so I guess I never saw it wasn't seated all the way. It wanted to hang up on rod so took a flat head screw driver and pushed it right in. She doesn't go anywhere now and I will know how to do this again when the cheap Taiwan switch fails!! Thanks guys!!!!!


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