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    I replaced the springs and spring plate under the front motor mount. I installed the new plate and leather washer and there is a void about a 1/8" left over between the spring plate and bottom of the mount. Is this correct and I did not notice the space before. I have tried 2 different springs and plate from 2 different venders. It seems like the bottom of the mount, leather washer and spring plate should be snug to each other. Any information would be helpful.
    Thanks Ed

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    Ed, WELCOME to the VFF!!

    I am wondering if this dimension is taken with the motor fully attached and let down off the floor jack, because it might be you have things correct. If you only tightened the center nut enough to get the cotter pin through, there should be some gap for movement. I don't remember how much, but there should be room to move.
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      Are you using the brass washer or the steel washer? With the new outside springs that will support the front of the motor creating a small gap. Use the bottom nut to adjust the mount but only tighten it like the Wiz mentioned
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        Thanks for the information. Mitch I am using the brass washer. I


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