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  • Copper tab

    I have a strange copper tab with what looks like a rubber cover slipped over the end. It is attached to one of the screws on the middle hinge of the driver door on the 30 tudor farm car. I can see no evidence of a wire and the thing makes no sense to me electrically as why have rubber on one end when the other is attached directly to the body. It appears it is suppose to do something when the door is closed or opened but what? Everything in that area seems to be unaltered, no other holes. Any idea what this could have been?
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    Maybe some sort of an anti-rattle device. Looks very OLD.


    • Sunnybrook Farm
      Sunnybrook Farm commented
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      I never thought of that, I guess I was thinking copper and electricity. It would be positioned right where the henge comes together though.

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    That is an old time anti rattler, sold by auto supply stores like western auto and montgomery ward way back then.
    Eastern Connecticut


    • Sunnybrook Farm
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      Thanks, It doesn't work! Ha, well maybe it does, the rattles could be worse I guess.

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