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  • OIL Testing Gilmore Museum

    Corn Grease, STP, Vendors 600wt, Grease mixed with oil, etc. If we all brought something maybe we could end the debate on what is best.

    Feb 18 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

    David Persell, Ph.D. from Michigan State University is bringing laboratory test equipment to the Gilmore Car Museum! Guests to this interactive presentation will be able to see and test for themselves the difference between regular motor oil, synthetic oil, additive, virtually any lubricant (grease, aerosol spray lube, etc.) which can all be tested on the machine. It will be a hands-on, interactive, live demonstration made even better with everyone invited to bring along their favorite product to be tested (just bring a small container). This is not a sales pitch for products, but rather an educational seminar for all those in attendance!

    The Gilmore Car Museum is located on a historic 90-acre campus in Hickory Corners, MI. We house a collection of over 300 vintage automobiles & motorcycles.

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    Bring a bottle of 600W from each separate vendor. That ought to be real interesting.
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      Anybody tabulate the results? If so what was the result?


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        Jim it's like the JFK files they are sealed from us for 50 years!!


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          Maybe rather than determining what is the "best" we should just determine what is "adequate" because that is all that really matters.
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            “Good enough, isn’t”
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            • Leo
              Leo commented
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              Chuck, if a product does what's required to service a need is it inferior just cause it's not the best? Do we need "perfect" oil or oil that provides the lubrication needed to run our vehicles?

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            Nothing wrong with mediocre. But if something is better, more protective, safer, etc why wouldn’t you use it. I’m guessing you would in certain instances, say a choice in health. I just saying, if zinc oil is better, why not use it?
            I guess I don’t understand the reasoning behind your statement. If I ran my business “just good enough”, then I’d be out of business. Again, not attacking you, just that concept.


            • Leo
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              Chuck, I do understand you and yes mediocre is not good enough when it comes to running a business or health care. My point is that there have been many many posts on the topic of oil quality as it relates to the Model A Ford and most if not all of them advocate that all motor oils (of the correct viscosity) made today are superior to the oils made when the Model A was new. If that is true, it would be difficult if not impossible to find any motor oil today that is "mediocre" but we will see......

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          • Mike V. Florida
            Vote for the best attraction in Michigan!
            by Mike V. Florida
            Good Morning Model A Ford Museum partners and friends.

            USA Today, read by 7 million people daily, has announced the Gilmore Car Museum--featuring the CCCA Museum--has been nominated as one of the top 20 tourist attractions in Michigan! They are also asking for the public to vote online for their favorite so they can announce the TOP 10 tourist attraction.

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            The Model a Museum
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            MODEL A MUSEUM located on the Gilmore campus is now paid for, The building was paid for before construction began but we still need to grow the endowment fund, receive money for operations and yearly members.

            Looking forward to seeing so many of you on Model A day At Gilmore on September 16th
            08-04-2017, 09:04 PM
          • Tom Wesenberg
            Some Cutaway Pictures from the Model A Museum
            by Tom Wesenberg
            Here's a few cutaway displays in the Model A museum at Gilmore.
            You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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          • Kevin in NJ
            600W Oil Information
            by Kevin in NJ
            The original oil was called 600W. That is not 600 weight. It is a heavy pressure steam oil designed for straight cut gears which is what is in the A. Of course the oils were changed over time and the curent oil if you wish to buy bulk is call 680W depending on brand. You can also contact the guy selling steam oil and get smaller quantities

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            Oil and the changes manufacturers are doing per the epa.
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            600 W oil
            by slammin
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            Viscosity (SUS) 30.6 at 100°C, 460 at 40°C Sq. mm/s, ISO 460
            Most vendors offer 600W by the quart, prices ranging from $7.50 to $10.30 I use Mobile industrial oils for the machinery in my shop...
            10-03-2017, 01:56 PM
          • Mark Maron
            We Made it.. The Model A Museum on Display!!!
            by Mark Maron
            I am very honored and happy to share with the VFF that after 9 years of work, 494 points and the Henry Award, MOE, AACA, Val's 29 Roadster is now on display at the Model A Ford Museum at Gilmore in Hickory Corners Michigan. It will be there for a while so I hope you can all get to see it. We are very proud! (better pics later).
            You do not have permission to view this gallery.
            This gallery has 2 photos.
            05-23-2018, 05:13 PM