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Roadster Body Socket Placement

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  • Roadster Body Socket Placement

    In the next couple of weeks I plan on tackling the side curtain body sockets on my '31 Deluxe Roadster. At some point in the life of the car, somebody filled in the holes in the doors where that the sockets set into. These are the six body sockets (three to a side).

    I am looking for details on the placement and measurements of the sockets. Details such as the distance inward from the edge of the door and measurement from the center of the hole to the bottom of the pinstripe would be very helpful.

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    How were the holes filled?? Do you have the side curtains??
    Paul in CT


    • Snagglewhen
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      Paul: I am not sure how the holes where filled. I have not ordered the side curtains yet, as I am planning on ordering them from LeBaron-Bonney. I am told that L-B has you mark where your sockets are and then send the patten back, so I figured it would be best to wait until I have the sockets in the car before starting this process.

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    Andrew, while you are at it, you never told us what the R front wheel issue turned out to be.
    How is the car running?


    • Mitch
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      You remembered that? Good memory

    • tbirdtbird
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      I saw him at last year's Texas tour but forgot to ask him about the wheel. He also brought his diff carrier here for me to knurl one side. He has not been afraid to tackle a bunch of stuff on that car, it was his grandfather's

    • Snagglewhen
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      Dave: I believe that the issue turned out to be the shoe needed to re-arc itself to the drum, as the issue worked itself out over time. That thread ended up getting "lost" amidst my school work and research and I simply forgot to update it.

      The car has been running great. As you know, I put a new L-B top on it last August. I recently rebuilt the steering column in Dec and it steers like a dream now. I am almost done restoring an original windshield frame for the car to replace the repo that is one there (waiting on the chrome shop). This body socket job should be the last big thing on the list.

    • Mitch
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      Here is the thread if you want to close it out with an update

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    These photos might help. If the holes were not leaded in, a small magnet might help, also. The forward hole in the beltline is exactly 22" from the edge of the door to the center of the hole (picture was blurry) and exactly one inch up from the bottom of the beltline (third picture below).
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    This gallery has 3 photos.


    • Snagglewhen
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      Thanks. These pictures will help a lot.

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