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    Is there a way to tell just by looking (without tearing it apart) if your steering gear is a 7-tooth or a 2-tooth? I have two cars and the steering boxes look similar but not identical. One is very tight and the other is very sloppy. Both cars have been restored or re-built so just going by their years is probably meaningless. I need to get the sloppy one fixed but would like to know what I have before sending off for the wrong parts. Any advice here? WC Hall

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    Yes, the 7 tooth has the tube welded onto the steering box and the 2 tooth has a clamp at the top of the box that attaches the tube. Rod
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      Welcome WC to the VFF!!!

      Here are two links about the two tooth boxes. These will not only show you what's in your car but they can also aide you in repairing them. The two tooth boxes have many more adjustments over the seven. The first link is from our technical area and the second is a real nice site that one of our members made. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. This board is full of experts in the Model A field.
      Plus what Rod said

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        Welcome WC Hall. Always refreshing to have a new member join in on the fun here.
        Generally the 28/29 had a 7 tooth, and 30/31 were 2 tooth. Mind you, these may have been swapped out on different cars over the years by their various owners.
        That is a lovely 30 in your Avatar. It should have a two tooth.
        Tell us about your cars. We "love" pictures.
        Again Welcome. . Jeff
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          Hey WC Hall, WELCOME to the VFF!!
          You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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            Welcome. Being in Knoxville you might also be interested in this.


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              Here is a picture of my 1928 7 tooth steering box.

              Bypass Hose.JPG


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                OK so now I know both of mine are 2-tooth, which I guess is good. Thanks for the help and I'll holler back when I figure out what to do next. WCH


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                  Here's a picture of the 2 tooth box.

                  Steering 2 Tooth Box.jpg


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