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    In one of my old articles that Mitch posted, there's one about a Fender Repair Fixture that some of you asked about. In that there are no more patterns, I did contact the person I gave the last original steel one to. I asked him if he would sell it.
    His response was, paraphrased, have someone contact me ([email protected]) and I will give it to him/her if they pay shipping to them. His name is Marshall V. Daut. He lives in Davenport, Iowa. Wonderful offer! Now..

    If we are actually true to our hobby, we could do this: When you are done with it you could send it to the next person who would like to use it. Then they could repeat the process. Like a travelling Model A restoration tool! Think about it. Use of a great tool for only the cost of shipping it to you!

    Larry Jenkins
    Good enough.. Isn't.

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    I have one of those with a set of front fenders mounted on it - old model a Frame rails mounted to a Radial Arm Saw stand... And it is borrowed, so I have to give it back to a fellow “Aer”


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      In my humble opinion, Mr. Marshall V. Daut has contributed lots of his valuable time on Forums helping and telling Model A owners about his past Model A mechanical& electrical experiences.

      His offering to give this Fixture away ..... as mentioned above ..... is definitely a wonderful offer ....... let us remember this gift is coming from a wonderful gentleman who always tried to help Model A owners!


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        Thank you HL..

        I have invited Marshall to join VFF. If you know him, please extend an invitation too. His diagnostic articles are the best.
        Good enough.. Isn't.


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          30 Pickemup.. That was my first choice, but I didn't have a spare frame.. Would not have indexed either..
          Good enough.. Isn't.


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            Got one over on me Sir.. "Pickmeup" is really Brace Bailey. Now owns my partially finished 1930 CCPU. Thanks to Mitch for letting me know. PMU will ask great Qs..

            Larry Jenkins
            Good enough.. Isn't.


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              Could some body add the picture please ?


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                Bill look at article #1 in this link. It shows the fixture that Larry made

                With a tremendous amount of advice and encouragement from Mitch, I present a Series of older Articles I wrote pertaining to the restoration of the 1928 to 1931
                3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
                Henry Ford said,
                "It's all nuts and bolts"
                "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

                Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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                  Maybe the person that gets it could trace it out so others could use it as a pattern to avoid recreating the jig by trial and error.


                  • Larry Jenkins
                    Larry Jenkins commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Mike.. If you might be interested in doing that, you could sell a lot of them. heres; Marshall's email address:

                    [email protected]

                    Larry Jenkins

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                  Rear fender jig for coupe type is simple. A flat piece of metal with holes in the right place. I used a piece of thick MDF I had laying around.

                  I have never done a sedan fender.


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