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    Just joined VFF a few weeks ago and I'm really enjoying what I'm reading so far. I have taken all your experienced advice on starting my 31 roadster restoration but I have come to another roadblock. I finally got in the barn last week and found the number on the frame, A2556856 which according to what I have been reading makes it a late October 29 frame, nuts. The engine that I have (what's there) has the number 1984926, yah, I'm coming up July 29 on that. I can't seem to find the boddy number but it's clear that the dash supports the round speedometer, so its a late 30 ? Now I can't find anything on this but the steering column support is on the gas tank, does that mean anything ? And last but not least, the rear end is over in a corner with the springs on it, yha, a 8 leaf spring.
    So the question is, do I proceed with this Franken car or part it all out and start looking for other Model A.
    Thanks for your help. Mikey

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    Ya know, that is an excellent question Mikey.

    First I would ask is for pictures.
    Second is how much of the car is there and in good shape and how much do you want to restore the car?
    If you just want a driver, I say go for it and use what you have.
    If you are anxious to get something on the road and drive, it may be prudent to look for something road worthy for now and build the roadster as a project that way you can take your time and not cut corners and keep more old iron on the road.
    Now, granted, you will never get out of it what you put into it, but if you are driving one around and building one, you can learn about the one you are driving while building the roadster.

    The answer really depends on how soon you want to drive.
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      It depends on your goal. fine point, restored, rebuilt, just something to drive or ??
      Check the 'where to start ' page under questions on my site for more ideas or suggestions


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        Send it to me for disposal. Seriously, build it and drive it. I am learning from the ground up on mine and lovin every minute.


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          Your wallet and desire will guide you.I'm putting my 29 Sport Coupe body on a 31 chassis,even though I have the correct frame and matching engine for it.To me it comes down to cost and time,correctly restoring the 29 chassis to the standards requires a complete restoration and the resulting expense.The 31 chassis has all kinds of driver goodies,from teflon inserted tie rod and drag link to an f 100 steering box to a mitchell overdrive..I plan on driving the wheels off it,so that's the direction I'm going...

          Its your car,do as you wish...


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            Is that you car in your avatar?


            • Mikey
              Mikey commented
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              haha no, mine is still in the barn, that's just pic from google, looks kind of like that, it's all apart

            • CM2
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              you're not alone,mines rough as a cob.,..I know what gonna happen when the chassis is done in a few months,shortcut the body and drive

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            I am a new guy to this "Forum" too but got my first "A" for my 16th birthday, in 1966. It's an early (oval speedo) 1930 Town Sedan that my Dad & I stripped down and put on a frame from a 1931 coupe that had a 1928 engine number. Point is, even 50+ years ago enough swapping had been done to alter the heredity of the breed. Good luck trying to re-trace those steps. Make it go and enjoy.


            • tbirdtbird
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              Knoxville? Hmm, are you aware of the upcoming close-by workshop at Brent's? It is gonna be awesome

              At the top of the screen there is a link to click to learn more

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            Thanks guys, I believe you all just gave me that push that I needed. And the journey continues.


            • Mitch
              Mitch commented
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              Keep us posted

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