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  • Hood info needed

    hello, i bought a 28 ford model closed cab pickup and i search informations on my special hood, who is not modified, is not a 30/31 ford hood! is it a MURRAY or BRIGGS parts??
    thank you
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    It is a 28-29 Fordor or Cabriolet hood.

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      I noticed that the gasoline cap is the later 1/4 turn type, not screw on. That makes the cab an early 1930 cab, as the cab was not changed to the round back type until june 1930,
      Eastern Connecticut


      • JDupuis
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        Damn it Bill, you type faster than me. I thought I was first to pick up on this fine detail. .
        Good eye. Jeff

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      Welcome to the VFF. Hope to hear lots more about your truck in future. I agree with Bob C, 28 29 Fordor or cabrio hood.
      But, another thing I notice, is your petrol (gas) cap. Your truck might be an early 1930 truck. Your cap looks to be a 1/4 turn cap, the rad cap is a thread on. 28/29 had a thread on fuel cap, like the rad.
      Either way, I would like to see your truck parked in my garage.
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      • gegebanger
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        HELLO JEF, yes my fuel cap is 1/4 turn!!

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      THINK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWER !!! my car is restored 20years ago by an holland boy....the restoration is bad, he don't used the wood on the frame and the body is not positioned!!! i am very hungry!!
      the patina is news on the body and wood, the motor is a matching number.


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        IF I UNDERSTAND , my car is last 1929 years


        • JDupuis
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          More likely, very early 1930. Makes the truck a rare transitional vehicle. Cool!!

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        thanks FRANCE, only 3 29 pickup closed cab, two with the small engine 12 cv ( 1 restored in an museum) et my truck to 19 cv , imported to massachusets, usa
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          Wow, extremely rare in your area.
          I believe, I can speak for the entire forum: I'd love to hear more about your truck. And lots of pictures of the work you are doing on it. Thanks. Jeff
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