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Increase Your Fuel Mileage By 25%

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  • Increase Your Fuel Mileage By 25%

    I image that was the claim from the company selling these gizmos back in the day. I've never seen one like this before, but I have seen the small spinning propeller that JC Whitney used to sell. They called it a "mini supercharger".


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    I installed one. also different carb that would increase mpg 50%, and streamlining that would also save 50%. I drove 10 miles and the gas tank overflowed....


    • Dennis
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      :rolling Where can we get in line to buy one?
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    JC Whitney at its best!!!!

    I was born at night, JC Whitney, but it wasn't last night!

    I remember in the 60s they had some kind of additive that increased gas mileage. Honest, this is as close to a direct quote of the product as I can recall, we all laughed and laughed:
    "eats the red molecules that poison your gas mileage"



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      The way we "were" always seems interesting. Some never change much as time flies ..... depends on the pilot.

      Prior to our today's wonderful internet listings of Model A Parts Suppliers, much later shared knowledge of Model A Restoration Organizations, and Model A Forums, all of us who had Model A's in the 50's & 60's can find it humorous to remember cheap ignition points for fifteen (15) cents, and gas saving advertisements we saw in J. C. Whitney's catalog.

      However, today, it would be interesting to find out how many non-running Model A's back in the 50's & 60's would have gone to the junk pile without J. C. Whitney's marketing their "wild" catalogs. LOL


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        Interestingly, talking about MPG, Mazda has perfected a gasoline engine that runs like a diesel, it uses compression to ignite the fuel mixture. They said it is getting almost 37% better fuel mileage than their similar engine/spark plug version.

        Ah, the free market. Leave it alone and it will always come thru!!

        My buddy had a '73 Nova back in about 1975 that used to diesel whenever he shut it off. Then it would back fire. Loud. Chebby was 40 years ahead of Mazda!!! Wait different kind of dieseling-----------------


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          Tom i run those in all my cars. It works!!
          3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
          Henry Ford said,
          "It's all nuts and bolts"
          "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

          Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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            I would hate to have either of the first two a's I put back on the road. jc whitney, rick packs, miss matched years. ahh to be 16 again and know that new has to be better. ..
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              At sixteen (16) years old, years ago, while full of endless physical energy, appears like we had Heaven on Earth back then ...... let us be thankful we can still have Heaven on Earth ..... it is all mental with just a little less physical energy ...... LOL


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                I remember this guy that invented a gismo that increased mileage by 50%. He ran it in his 50’s something Buick. He actually got a patent. Rumor was he sold it to Texaco for millions.


                • Mitch
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                  And then came the Tornado

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                One time in the early 60's Pop varied from his always present Fords and bought a Dodge Station Wagon, new, for business use. Why I have no idea. That thing got 9 MPG all day. He took it to the dealership 4-5 times complaining, It never got any better.

                Finally about the fifth time around he told the Service Mgr., heatedly, that he had talked to others that had that car and they were telling him they were getting 20 MPG. The Service Mgr, calmly told him 'The difference is, YOU are telling the truth."

                That thing went away soon after that and we had a new 390 Country Squire back in the fold! It was a great car. And got 15-16 MPG to boot.


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                  When I worked at the Dodge dealership I used to set the timing at 10 BTDC instead of the factory setting of 0 TDC. The farmers came back bragging about how much more power and better fuel economy their pickup had since I tuned it up. I told them what I did and why I did it.


                  • tbirdtbird
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                    you really made me laugh on this one, Tom. I tuned up my friends cars in HS, none of which were mechanical. I always advanced the timing some, since production timing numbers are very conservative, and hell since we had real gas back then it took a lot to make a car ping.
                    I never told them what I did, and they would not have understood anyway. To them, 'timing' was a male-female thing.
                    Anyway, they all raved about the tuneups, they said they were better than the best mechanics their fathers had ever used

                  • SeaSlugs
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                    Side question for both of you - I have a 1980 chevette with 1.6L 4 banger basic carb, basic centrifugal advance distributor no computer anything. I think the book calls for 7*BTDC. Since the octane rating is what controls pinging what was regulars octane rating back then? Around here reg is usually 87, mid 89, premium 91-92. How much more would be safe to advance it? Car needs every ounce of power it can get (rated a whole 62hp)

                  • Mitch
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                    I would try it at 10 deg
                    If it does not ping leave it there

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                  Originally posted by Jim Mason View Post
                  I installed one. also different carb that would increase mpg 50%, and streamlining that would also save 50%. I drove 10 miles and the gas tank overflowed....


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                    snake oil salesmen must have passed their knowledge down.


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