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  • After you get it clean .....

    I am getting ready to replace a leaking gas tank in my Tudor, I have a very good one coming from Berts, but ..... I'm not totally sure what I should do now.

    I have read Brent's thread over on the old barn regarding getting a tank clean, by cutting apart and then re-welding. But what do you do AFTER you get it clean? What do you do to keep it from turning back into a rusty tank?


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    My tanks are clean and all I do is use good gas without corn crap, and I use Marvel Mystery Oil 4 ounces per tank of gas.
    I also use the filter in the tank valve.


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      Check out Brent's posts on this thread especially post #14
      3 ~ Tudor's
      Henry Ford said
      "It's all nuts and bolts"

      Mitch's Auto Service ctr


      • BillLee/Chandler, TX
        BillLee/Chandler, TX commented
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        Just what I was looking for! Thanks, Mitch. And double thanks to Brent.

      • Mitch
        Mitch commented
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        He had some pictures there that disappeared. I have Pm'ed him to see if we can repost them

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      One thing I did to avoid cutting it open is to remove the fuel tank fitting (on my 29 its the shutoff valve) drill the fitting on the tank side to fit a 1" piece of steel tubing,basically a riser off the bottom of the tank about 1 inch tall.This way if you don't get the tank perfectly clean,or you don't want to cut it you have a clear supply of fuel to draw from without any tank sediment.


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        Many years ago, I read an article in the Restorer about a guy who took a freshly cleaned tank; put some liquid cleaner (don't remember what,) and added small ball bearings in the tank; sealed it up and rotated it a few times a day to remove the bigger hunks.
        Good enough.. Isn't.


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          One of the guys in our club rigged up a rotisserie sort of thing with a cement mixer, then put ice in the tank and rotated it till the ice melted. Did that several times until the melted ice came out clean. Hasn't had a problem with it since then.
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          • DaWizard
            DaWizard commented
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            Carl, was that cubed ice or whatever you found that wasn't yellow by the side of the garage?

          • Mitch
            Mitch commented
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            Yellow is better,it's acidic

          • Mickey
            Mickey commented
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            It's also a technique used in cleaning the septic tank on RV trailers.

          • CarlG
            CarlG commented
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            Crushed ice like you get at the grocery store / gas station.

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