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29 coupe and roadster sub rail differences.

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    29 coupe and roadster sub rail differences.

    I'm moving on to the body part of a 29 standard coupe I have. I have a subframe for a Tudor which I thought was just a matter of lenthening a bit but after looking at it the side rail is nowhere near matching the body quarter panel/wheel well area as well.In hindsight I should have realised this earlier. While looking at my options including buying repro I notice that some vendors list coupe and roadster as being the same while others including Brookville have a different number for the coupe. Does anyone know the difference as I can't find a good enough pictures to tell. Thinking it will only be a slight difference between where the pillars mount but looking at my sports coupe it seems to have a recess where the pillar for the shorter roadster door would be.Thanks, John

    I have not seen the subrails side by side, but would assume there is enough of a difference in 3 respects. The distance between the door and fender is longer for the roadster, the sill plates attach and are of a different design and there may be a slightly different placement of the cross rail right behind the seat. I could be wrong on the last one mentioned. Overall length should be the same as well as the rear cross rail. Rod
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