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Short Proof condenser ?

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  • Short Proof condenser ?

    Attached is a photo of a Motorcraft condenser found with some parts. It has a patent date of 7/93 on the box.
    Any way to tell if it's a short proof type? A conden.pdf

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    It's the internal design of the A&L condensers that enables them able to withstand the manifold heat. An aluminum distributor would be much more gentler on the heat extremes that are subjected to the condenser. Being that the A is cast iron this compounds the problem. The A&L condenser is made with a modern polyester film insulator which is designed to withstand the extreme heat conditions found on the Model A. I would say all the condensers out there old and new are just the run of the mill style with A&L's being the exception. So with that being said I would not be using it. Some of this info was derived from Vince's Ford Garage site
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      Planned reproduction parts failure became popular in our last century.

      Later manufactured Model A condensers and coils could fail during a trip to the local post office, especially if later foreign made.

      If anyone has a few old vintage shabby looking original U. S. manufactured condensers and coils provided by Ford in the 1930's, or sees any advertised on Ebay, don't be surprised if they all still work.

      Vintage mechanics years ago knew never to discarded Ford's old original condensers & coils because they were known for almost eternal reliability ...... 60 years ago I had an old fishing box full of them .... after trying same 60 years ago, they all worked.

      Fishing box also had some 41 caliber bullets mixed to fit the pistol which came with my fishing box.

      Possibly others had similar experiences ...... but, with vintage coils and condensers, that is.

      A & L today are really a true blessing for all of us Model A owners.
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        H.L. you're so correct. Today we scored and found an old Bosch tar filled 12 volt coil that measures 3 ohms across the primary, and 16k at the secondary from a wrecker. $5, after checking 6 that were no good. !! It can be used with terminals up or down like the Ford originals.
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          I agree with reply no. 2 in that the car parts market was totally flooded both early on in the 1930's, and also later, with cheap Model A condensers, points, valves, etc., of poor quality and not all were made by Ford.

          Following Model A advice from the old precision vintage mechanics I knew 60 years ago, much later and only twelve (12) years ago, for my original Model B distributor installed on my Model A, I bought an original old Ford Model B condenser and an original old Ford set of Model B ignition points on Ebay which the seller said were never used, and came out of an attic of an old Ford Dealership.

          After 12 years they still appear new and I know I will never live long enough to wear either of them out.

          Knowledgeable vintage mechanics years ago knew Ford, (years ago), tried to earnestly provide only the best parts for his Fords.

          Cheaper after market parts back then from Western Auto, Montgomery Ward, Sears Roebuck, etc., were always questionable and their advising and brain washing owners to change to cheap points, condensers, and coils for every tune-up were always their slick sales gimmick to sell parts.

          I also was taught 60 years ago to clean points "only" with a "points file" which only removes the mold and mildew look-alike coating on ignition points .... not metal ...... and never use steel mill files, fingernail emery boards and sand paper which removes metal.


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            Originally posted by plyfor View Post
            Attached is a photo of a Motorcraft condenser found with some parts. It has a patent date of 7/93 on the box.
            Any way to tell if it's a short proof type? [ATTACH]n58187[/ATTACH]
            Generally speaking, the Motorcraft boxed condensers are probably the most unreliable in actual fact. Not necessarily because of their internals, but because of the terrible job the Ford supplier did to solder the tab on the end of the can.

            Good condensers usually have the tab spot welded and/or robustly soldered, but the Motorcraft have a very minimal and weak solder job only.

            It is not uncommon to have the tab break off during installation, or separate during use, thus creating a very well hidden failure for you to find on your side of the road easter egg hunt!

            This happened to me twice with Motorcraft Model A condensers in the 1980s, and I have seen several more fractured.


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