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Fasteners for restoring our cars

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  • Fasteners for restoring our cars

    I tried to put this link in the other thread as well but was not able to. This link has a lot of fasteners and good info which can be used in restoring our cars.

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    I told Mitch about this and what got me to thinking about this came up when we were discussing how the windlace is attached in our model a fords. The windlace was attached by riveting a strip to hold the windlace in place on 28-29 cars as Wiz and Jim Mason showed us in pictures. So if your windlace is bad or frayed what do you do? You can use a shaveable blind rivet. After installing the new windlace you rivet the metal strip back in place using these rivets the shave tool finishes the rivet head to resemble the factory looking rivets. You can then paint the rivet heads to match your color. Now all of this is purely my idea and speculation nor have I tried this tool however I have used sealed pop rivets when I built my trailer. I am going to link a couple sites the first for rivets and the second for various fasteners that might be needed to repair our cars with in a restoration. I would be curious to know what guys like Brent do on cars with the riveted windlace on the 28-29 cars.
    Olympic HS310-5B HS310-6B Rivet Head Shave Tool


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      Great info thank you


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        Thanks Chief for posting that rivet finishing tool. Does anyone have one here?
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          When I restored my 30 CCPU, I used stainless fasteners from "Stainless Town." Great quality, low prices and fast, reasonably priced shipping.

          Not to be a smart ass, but for those who may not know, there are 2 basic types of stainless. 300 Series is non-magnetic. 400 Series is. For greater strength, 316 Grade in the 300 Series is good.

          Larry Jenkins
          Good enough.. Isn't.


          • BNCHIEF
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            Good info Larry thanks.

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          Makes me think back to Ford Parts Mgr. days,,,, the dealership had a vendor, Rockford Specialties I think they were called, where they bought some fasteners and a few odd ball Ford- equivalent parts. Like the three on the tree shifter collar for early mid 70's F-Series trucks.

          I would order fasteners from Ford as much as I could as we got PIPPS and POPPS allowances/credits from Ford to send back old NOS parts depending upon the dollar value of your total parts orders. Anyway, I recall the salesman telling the mechanics and I one day 'Don't ever ever reuse fasteners always use new because of the stretching of the bolts, torque values being wrong, etc." We just looked at each other and kinda rolled our eyes. Yeah maybe he was correct to a point, but he was trying to make sales.

          I just cringe when I think of the original Ford fasteners I threw away over the years when I was young and stupid, from different antique Fords I've wrenched on. Ouch---- never would do that again!!

          The worse case I recall is a Roadster Pop had many many years ago back in the 70's. It was a beautiful car, total restoration, but the guy that did the car (and he did a beautiful job) also owned an Ace Hardware store and you guessed it, EVERY nut and bolt on that car was Ace hdw. stuff he tossed the original. And back then I also recall guys saying stuff like 'Every nut and bolt on that car is new' it was a 'good' thing to many!


          • Mitch
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            That's a nut & bolt restoration, just the wrong stuff.

          • Dennis
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            I saw a Ford built 1945 Jeep at the car show today. Nearly every bolt visible had a letter F on the head. Numerous other parts had a script also.

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