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Sarah's coming home gift.

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  • Sarah's coming home gift.

    As some of you know, my gal Sarah has been away this winter being poked and prodded, examined, felt up, rubbed and just about every indecency a lady can endure to make herself better looking and running for her man!!!! She'll be coming home soon so I got her a Welcome Home Darlin gift!!! If she returns pregnant, I'm hoping for a Roadster!!!

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    She will love it!


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      Has she been with Larry?


      • Grit Kid
        Grit Kid commented
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        Yes, she's still with Larry, parts I ordered for her arrived today at Larry's. I'm sure she won't want to return right now, unheated garage........

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      You spoil her too much. . Jeff
      Twiss Collector Car Parts


      • Grit Kid
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        That's what my other day friends say too.........

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      I hope she behaves this time
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      • BNCHIEF
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        She associates with Ed, what could go wrong?

      • Grit Kid
        Grit Kid commented
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        Me too!!! I have plans for her this year and most are left over from last year.

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      That is great, love to hear those stories. Good luck and have fun with your lady friend.


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