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  • vibration

    I have a bad vibration when decelerating at about 40 mph or more. The car runs smooth otherwise. Any ideas? I just purchased the car and it has a rebuilt motor and a float a motor.

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    I have heard that it could be a bad universal joint but I have no personal experience.


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      I had the same thought, but it does not make any noise when shifting. I have had that happen in other cars. I greased the heck out of it just in case.


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        I have been in many A's that do the same thing including mine. decell only, it goes away on accel
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          the float mounts can be subject to vibration. Miles insisted on them for his car, but soon removed the front due to vibration, and went back to the yoke mount, problem solved. He had been cautioned by other club members about this, but wanted to try it

          Also, for either type mount, if your rear mount bolts are even a little loose, you will get decel vibration
          I had that happen to my '31 Deluxe Touring with OEM mounts
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            Thanks I will check the bolts


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              I have OEM on my cars too.

              arvon read this FAM thread especially MIke K's post #18 reply.. This is from the tech forum

              FAM tech thread
              4~ Tudor's
              1~ Coupe

              Henry Ford said,
              "It's all nuts and bolts"

              Mitch's Auto Service ctr


              • BILL WILLIAMSON
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                Probably that flinky tail pipe hanger!!!
                Use a universal rubber strapped hanger.
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              thanks Mitch, I will check the mounts. the car was not used much in the past 18 yrs. When I purchased it there were a lot of rubber parts that needed ;replaced may be the motor mounts are dried up


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                One thing to try is John Deere Corn Head grease in the U-Joint. Conventional grease too thick and does not flow well after it is thrown off by centrifugal force. Several of the fellow A owners in my area have tried the corn head grease and have noticed an immediate decrease in the deceleration vibration. Of course if the U-Joint is worn out no type of lube will help. I don't think I have ever driven any A that did not have at least some vibration or resonance during deceleration.


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                  A Friend of Chiefs' restored a BEAUTIFUL Model A & shortly sold it, because it didn't go "HUUUUUUM"!!!
                  Dad Sad

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                This is not my first model A but it is the only one that vibrates that bad. My 28 with solid motor mounts is much smoother.


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                  We use corn head in the universal and it does leak a minor drop or 2 after warming up.


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                    Model As have ridged power train mounting & body on wood blocks, SO, some noises are COMMON!
                    OLD Chevs were mostly WOOD & are quieter!
                    Dad Simple


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                      Originally posted by arvon View Post
                      This is not my first model A but it is the only one that vibrates that bad. My 28 with solid motor mounts is much smoother.
                      If you are in neutral and standing still, then rev the engine and let it decelerate, does it then vibrate while slowing down?

                      If not, then it sure would seem to be a driveline problem, and I wouldn't overlook the nuts coming loose on the double pinion bearing.


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                        I ALWAYS worried about those nuts. What a CRUDE method of tightening them!
                        "ALMOST" like Cave Man Skills----------Ever have a rear end LOCK up, while buzzing down the road?---Just KISS it "GOOD BY"!
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