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Forged sediment bulb crack repair...

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  • Forged sediment bulb crack repair...

    We all have had one at one time or the other, well, some of us anyway. So you have a real nice forged gas sediment bowl with a hairline crack on it and when put on the car, gas weeps from the bowl.

    What have you done, besides finding one that is not cracked, to fix the situation with any luck at all?



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    Pluck i won't give advice on farmer fixing a fuel delivery item but just be careful.
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      how would that bowl crack? i wonder....water in gas?


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        I have ran across a few that were brazed in the past. I have scrapped them due to appearance and safety concerns. Finding good ones is not that hard. I probably have 7 or 8 of them in the parts cabinet. Had 3 of them blasted before Jessicas ordeal in 2011 and never finished restoring them. They now have surface rust and will need blasted after I buy another cabinet. Rod
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          I'd guess the car was stored with no gas cap and water got into the bulb and froze. It can be brazed, but I'd just replace it.


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