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what is the easiest way to clean float- to keep from sticking?

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  • what is the easiest way to clean float- to keep from sticking?

    bought a 2 dr sedan last week and she fires up nicely. run around the yard and float sticks and shuts car down.

    is it easier to just chg out carbs or is there a simple way to get the float to stop sticking? zenith.............

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    If it is a Tilly...which mine is. There is a pin holding the float. If that pin somehow backed out it will wege the float. Take carb halves apart and check that pin is inserted all the way and put the two halves back together.


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      4 oz Marvel Mystery Oil in a full tank
      today's gas is exceedingly dry and has no lubricating quality to it


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        open it up and repair / replace the float valve......i have had great success using the Viton tipped needle on all the zenith's I rebuild. even if the car sits the tip seems to hold up well to the CRAP gas. others have reported issues with using them but I'll stick with what works for my carb jobs. I agree with what
        Beauford mentioned about the hinge area or ck to see if the float is heavy from fuel.
        on zeniths I have seen where the needle wears a dimple on the brass float hinge which causes it to stick.
        Tom W has reported good success lapping the original valve with tooth paste.
        make sure your tank is not full of crap...I use the glass sediment bowl paper filter as mentioned in the past......
        your car may be running richer than it should with this condition..

        others may have additional info or experience they can add..

        Berts Model A parts house (Steve) sells great rebuilt carbs that are tested and proven. if I needed one that's where I would go short of my own build
        3 ~ Tudor's
        Henry Ford said
        "It's all nuts and bolts"

        Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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          thx- yes its a zenith

          will do the marvel and pull the float- I have a few rebuilts as spares, but carb runs well otherwise.


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            If there's a dimple where the float rubs on the inlet valve, that can cause a float hang up. Daves right,that mmo in the gas is a great thing.


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              Question, how do you know the float is sticking? I would figure that if you were to "run around the yard" the bouncing would dislodge the float.

              My guesses are, crap in the gas tank and more than likley, the gas cap is not vented.


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                could be, but when she shuts off, the outside bowl where the float sits is wet, as if overflowing.........


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                  but its not leaking out the air horn?
                  3 ~ Tudor's
                  Henry Ford said
                  "It's all nuts and bolts"

                  Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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                    I like to check then with a vacuum pump with a light pull to see if they hold. If they won't hold vacuum they will leak from my experience . Even new Viton valves have issues as out of ten I usually have a few that won't pass the vacuum test.


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                      no Mitch- not leaking from the air horn that's why Im thinking stuck float.


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                        if the float was stuck it would leak from the air horn
                        3 ~ Tudor's
                        Henry Ford said
                        "It's all nuts and bolts"

                        Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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                          Ronn, dose the car stall when you hit the brakes, then it is the float level. Or dose it stall as you are driving, which could be the gas tank is not venting like Mike suggested.


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                            Hi Ronn,

                            Please try this very highly technical vintage carburetor "Float Sticking Test" I learned years ago & known mostly by vintage car mechanics who never received one ounce of formal education ..... and please let us know the results.

                            1. First, open carburetor halves and move float up & down while looking for proper float horizontal & vertical float and float pin alignment & also uninterrupted, smooth float movement from the driver's side and passenger's side.

                            2. Second, (not always checked), is looking for uninterrupted, smooth float movement from the front, (radiator), side where float should remain level side to side.

                            3. Third, hold carburetor bottom half right side up and turn it upside down, and turn back right side up several times back and forth to verify witnessing uninterrupted, smooth float movement and proper alignment while moving.

                            4. Fourth, assemble carburetor, turn right side up, then upside down and listen, (with hearing aids if needed, or ask anyone without senior hearing disabilities), and listen for a distinct "click" after rotating several times in "both" directions after mildly shaking same.

                            5. Fifth, "click" heard in both directions, float does not bind and get stuck ..... time to begin investigating something else ..... no "click" ..... float sticks.

                            One step at a time never hurts.
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                              OK, stupid me- was out of gas..............

                              the fuel line from the bowl on the cowl, entering the carb, was also leaking, making it look like a stuck float to me.

                              put a few gallons in, MM oil and she is purring.

                              sorry for the wild goose chase!

                              and many thanks!


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