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glass fuel bole gasket

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  • glass fuel bole gasket

    Didn't I just see something about the fuel bole gasket? I tried a search but nothing came up. I was changing the filter and the rubber gasket is so swollen it will go back in. Yet Bratton's catalog says the neoprene gasket is better than the cork.

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    Read post #1 on this tech forum thread.

    I always use cork
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      I use the CAST IRON sediment bowl. WAY less trouble, they filter well, kit is cheap & has a drain cock, if you happen to trap water in it!

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    Snyder's sells a fuel bowl filter that drops in and eliminates the need for a gasket.


    • AL in NY
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      Thanks Fred, I didn't know that.

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    Originally posted by Fred S View Post
    Snyder's sells a fuel bowl filter that drops in and eliminates the need for a gasket.
    The gaskets are nytrile I wonder how they hold up? I buy the same filters for less and still use the screen plus a cork gasket.
    The snyders instructions say no screen

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    3~ Tudor's & 1~ Coupe
    Henry Ford said,
    "It's all nuts and bolts"
    "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

    Mitch's Auto Service ctr


    • Fred S
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      So far so good after 3 months. I was thinking the gasket was attached to the filter. I looked at my 2nd filter and the gasket is separate and very thin. A new gasket comes with each filter.

    • Mitch
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      Fred do you use the screen? It does stop the water from leaving the bowl, see H.L’s post number #11 on the tech thread linked above.

    • Fred S
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      Mitch, I didn't use the screen, since Snyder's said not to. But it's thin enough, i think it could be used.

      I know the screens are fine enough, not to let water pass. Similar to filling an outboard engine with a funnel with a screen.

      I've used the filter you use with a screen, with success. But I was ordering a few parts from Snyder's, so I thought I would give theirs a try. One time I saw some water in the bottom of my bowl, so somehow it seems to work.

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    Glass bowls are MYSTERIOUS!!! Have you ever seen gas jumping across the air space, to EXIT at the outlet hole at the TOP!!!---IF SO, I "WURRY" about you!!!


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      A. Ten (10+) years ago, rather than mess around with old, former possible J.C. Whitney, or Keystone Cops' supplied Model A glass bowl parts from years ago, I bought a whole "new" glass bowl assembly whereby below is one (1) detailed, specific 1930 Model A new sediment glass bulb, (bowl) "flawless" experience with "no"leaks during the past ten (10+) years:

      1. Obtaining New Sediment Bulb: I bought a new Bratton's sediment bulb No. 12990; a new nut/lock washer No. 13010; a newsediment glass bulb No. 13020; and a new Bratton's sediment bulb screen, (brass), No. 13050, with accompanying neoprene gasket for my new glass sediment bowl.

      2. Obtaining New Paper Filter for Filtering Micro Fuel Sand and Debris: I next bought about ten (10) NAPA paper bowl inserted fuel filters, "The Original Gold NAPA Filters, No. 3903", (Made in Mexico); however,only used two (2) in past ten (10+) years "after" thoroughly flushing my fuel tank with POR 15 Marine Clean, while using a small Amazon bought electric water circulating pump.

      3. Fitting Bulb Parts: Above Bratton's parts fitted perfectly; however, some from others may or may not, so, if not,

      a. Make sure neoprene gasket fits neatly in top metal bulb holder. If not, trim same.

      b. Make sure glass bulb has a recess in top of glass bulb and both screen and top paper flange of paper filter fits "inside" the smaller diameter glass bowl recess. If screen or flange is of a larger diameter, and protrudes beyond this glass bowl recess, they must be trimmed with a scissors to a smaller diameter.

      4. Fuel Bowl Assembly: Sequence:

      a. After above metal part No.12990 is properly installed, into the bottom opening of metal part No. 12990, insert neoprene gasket.

      b. While holding glass bowl with glass bowl opening facing upwards, insert No. 3039 paper filter in bowl with top paper flange neatly fitted in glass bowl recess; and, on top, insert brass screen on top of No.3039, again,neatly fitted in glass bowl recess.

      c. While holding glass bowl, with glass bowl opening facing upwards, and with paper filter and brass screen installed on top, press this lower assembly against the upper installed neoprene gasket and tighten glass bowl assembly.

      d. Of utmost importance: Upper metal in "direct" contact with neoprene gasket and lower glass bowl in "direct" contact with neoprene gasket.

      B. Been using Model A glass bowls for the past (60) years with no leaks.

      C. And FWIW: Remember: Most cooks cannot cook "fluffy" rice and wind up with a sloppy, sticky mess because the always follow instructions written on the package .............. just experiment now and then and try 1-3/4 cups of water and 2-1/4 cups of rice on a low fire.
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        When I change the filter in my sediment bowl, I simply remove it from the firewall, turn it upside down, everything falls into place easily and I can see how things assemble without standing on my head.
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          Here is what we have , similar to what Mitch posted #4; the filters are inexpensive from on line auto parts vendors, and the gaskets which I believe are nitrile seem fine with the ethanol gas. The key is to get them aligned properly. The new filters replace the former ceramic types which are sometimes available on ebay, etc. No screen in this AC type.
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