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  • Pickers

    Great new American Pickers episode last night. I'm sure some of you older guys will know the mans estate they are picking for Model A's.

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    Have they gone from motorcycles to Model As?
    "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


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      I forgot the episode was on, tuning in at the half hour mark, too late for the Model A Lady. I'll have to watch when it re-runs..


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        That lady's daughter looked sunburned, not good for a blue eyed blonde I just went thru the cancer crap TAKE CARE when out in the sun.

        It was kinda fun to watch I have to admit, and I'm not really a fan of those two guys anymore.

        Looked like some nice sheetmetal hanging in that one garage anybody know who this is/was? They are still in business selling Model A parts, said 'central Indiana' owner's name was originally Bill (or was it Bob?)
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        • Beauford
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          Going through that with my uncle now. He had a melanoma the size of a leech in his back. How doctors over the last 20 years never spotted it is beyond me. It was removed and a tracer dye applied. Cancer in one of the nodes. PET/MRI next....that sun is a killa!

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        It is BJ's Model A's 765-640-1931...Called them today.



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          Originally posted by Steve Plucker View Post
          It is BJ's Model A's 765-640-1931...Called them today.

          Wonder if hes got any long AA splash aprons haha


          • DaWizard
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            Hey SeaSlugs, can you give me a picture and or dimensions for those aprons?

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            It's a 'she'. Vanessa is Bill's (RIP) daughter, and she is still selling off Model A parts, and still has lots of good stuff, and is very knowledgeable. A lot of fine point cars have parts from Bill's and Vanessa's collections on them. I have also bought parts off of them in the last 30 years.

          • ford2831
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            Yes there are some NOS AA SPLASH APRONS I have. How long ?
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          I watched the rerun last night. I see why you guys liked the episode.


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