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Oval Lens Fuel Gauge Priced to Sell

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  • Oval Lens Fuel Gauge Priced to Sell

    Well, maybe not!
    Are these people really this clueless or greedy to think they can get that kind of money for a crusty old gauge.

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    The link isn't working for me Tom.


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    Yep, now it's working.


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      Based on most of their listings, I would classify this seller as a rag dealer! Most likely they know nothing about Model As and the price was suggested by some who knows nothing about Model As. The listing has a full page of disclaimers and not one word about the item. I wouldn't buy it if the price was 99 cents and free shipping! I see this type of pricing for used books on Amazon. Most are offered for ten bucks and a few sellers want $100. Make me wonder if they aren't selling drugs instead of books.


        BILL WILLIAMSON commented
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        Wanna' RENT a LIVE, MOUSE/RAT Trap?

      • BudP
        BudP commented
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        My vote goes to this being a way obtain and pay for drugs. There are just too many auto objects for sale at too high a price these days.

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      Originally posted by Tom Wesenberg View Post
      Well, maybe not!
      Are these people really this clueless or greedy to think they can get that kind of money for a crusty old gauge.
      But it says 'NOS may have imperfections' then uses that over-used phrase 'has patina'

      Looks like the decimal point needs to be shifted one value, to the left, then it would be $3.49 of course then S&H has to be at least $80 I mean let's be fair...................


      • Ray Horton
        Ray Horton commented
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        My thought exactly, Jeff. Except $3.49 and free shipping. Gotta move the merch, ya know.
        Last edited by Ray Horton; 01-30-2018, 09:57 PM.

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