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  • Cluster Gear Differences

    I am getting ready to rebuild the transmission for the delivery sedan. It is a March or April 1929 built car, but still has the case with the machined bearing surfaces and the cluster gear with the permanent spacer. No thrust washers like on the earlier 28 style transmissions I have rebuilt. The only good cluster gear I have is a later one with the removable bearing spacer. Is there anything to look out for using the later cluster gear in the early 29 case? My only other option is using one of my later cases. Thanks Rod
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    I think you're good to go, so long as there isn't too much clearance between the cluster and the case. just my opinion


    • Rowdy
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      That was my thinking also. I was suprised to find this style of case and cluster gear in a March/ April built chassis. Although I have 14 cases, I prefer to use the case that came with the chassis and is likely original to the car. I do not see any evidence this transmission has ever been apart. It is a 67K mile chassis. Rod
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    The cluster gear with the non removable bearing spacer, is that a tight ring pressed into place, or is it actually just one piece of metal?


    • Rowdy
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      I beleive it has the tight rings, but would have to dig it out of the scrap iron bucket and hope to dig out the right one. I guesse there are 6 or 7 of them in the bucket after all of the disassembly. Still have 2 really rusted transmissions to deal with. Doubt I can save anything beyond the cases. So far I have been unable to remove the u-joints from either, so both are being sprayed with PB Blaster a couple of times a day. I cut one yoke of the u-joint on each and still could not remove them with a gear puller. Front bearing retainer and main drive gear are removed. Rod

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    Timely topic for me. I tore apart my early 29 transmission today with no thrust washers and non-removable bearing spacers. They appear to be two pressed in rings to locate the bearings. Between the 2 rings is rough machined, not like where the bearings ride.

    I also have a donor transmission a guy gave me several years ago. It is the later style. The case is junk but I am hoping to use the universal joint and gears from it because they look better than my original.


    • Rowdy
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      I hope you have better luck finding good cluster gears than I have had. Took 14 transmissions to find 2 nice cluster gears. I had better luck with the early 28 transmissions I rebuilt. Was able to find about 1 good cluster gear every 3rd transmission. Rod

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